an afternoon with Evey

This morning I woke up and literally had not one thing I absolutely had to do today.  Sure, there are always bills that could be paid or errands I could run, but nothing was necessary for today’s agenda.  While I was lying in bed doing my typical morning blog reading, I read my sister-in-law’s post about “waiting around” for baby Cate, who’s due date was yesterday.  Yep, we have another niece on the way and she’s taking her sweet time.  For someone who works with premature babies, it boggles my mind that babies actually come after their due dates!  I mean come on!  We are WAAAITING for you 🙂

So, while waiting for our newest niece to make her arrival, I decided today would be a perfect day to spend with our 1st niece, Evey.  Plus, I knew Jordan would probably welcome any break from the kids these days!  So after getting the ok from Jordan, I picked Evey up from their house when she got home from school and brought her back to “Amy and Bubba’s house.”  And yes, Evey refers to Greg as “Bubba.”  She decided that was his name one day (when she was still a baby, basically!), and he’s been uncle Bubba ever since!

She was SO excited when I drove up to their house. Her and Jordan were waiting outside and she was jumping up and down with excitement literally until I strapped her into her carseat.  And we had so much fun all afternoon 🙂  We took Sophie (our hound) with us on our walk to the park, played on the playground, came back to the house and watched some Bambi, took all 3 dogs out to the field by our house so Bubba could throw the ball with them, and then watched half of Little Mermaid before all 3 of us (humans, not dogs!) went back to her house for dinner!  What a day!

We loved having her over to play! And I’m pretty sure she had a great time too.  She fell asleep on the car ride home, so I’d say it was a success 😉

She walked Sophie the whole way home from the playground.
 Trying to take a picture with Sophie…
I think Evey found herself a new friend!

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