Room updates!

A few weeks ago we had some pros come in a do a little re-wiring of our master bedroom TV.  Here’s where our TV lived before….sticking out from the wall right where you walk into the room. Ok, so this is not the best picture, this is from December. See it in the top corner there? To the right? Basically, it stuck out about a foot from the wall…and all the wires were exposed. Meaning the cable wire ran down the wall, into my closet, over the door frame and back behind our dresser on the other wall.  Also please note the blanket that used to serve as our window treatment….

 Here’s the wall…(with the crazy cords, and then minus the tv)

We made the decision to move it permanently to the corner opposite the bed.  That meant calling in the pros so they could run the wires behind the wall where they belong.  So now, here’s our set-up…

It’s a minor change but we love it so much better!!  And note the new window treatments 🙂  No more blankets covering the windows.  And while we are on the subject of upgrades….let’s talk about the master bathroom…
Remember this picture from last spring when Greg decided to demo the bath?
Although I would have loved to make it look something like this…
Our bathroom is just WAY too small.  Every square pedestal sink we looked at was a good 6 inches too wide for the space.  So, we had to go with a tiny round one.  But who knows, maybe one day we will put some beadboard in there!  But, after a new coat of paint, new toilet (from ReStore), sink, light, and medicine cabinet (from Lowes), and some hardware (from Target and Hobby Lobby), 6 months later Greg’s bath is coming along nicely!
And the guest bedroom is finally useable!  It went from this cluttered mess (and this is after moving stuff into our outdoor shed)
 To this!
 Buuuuut, don’t look at this corner!  haha.  It’s a slow process 😉
 Baby steps, people.  By the time I’m “done” with the house, we will probably be ready do move. Isn’t that how it always goes?  And I have all kinds of outdoor plans in mind, but this weather has got to warm up before we tackle any of that.

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