night shift vs. day shift

I feel like I’ve complained about work a lot lately to Greg.  Adjusting to day shift has been rough.  I worked as a night shift nurse for 3 years, and then shortly after we got married in October, I was offered a day shift position.  Although I never really hated night shift, I took the position (cause I knew if I turned it down, it could easily be 5+ more years before I got asked again!).  And night shift definitely had it’s downsides.  Some days I could come home and stay awake and have a normal day (sometimes being awake for 24+ straight hours).  I’m pretty sure I pushed it to 30 hours a few times, which I’m sure is SOOO not good for your body, or mind, or overall health.  But I would hate those days that I was so tired I just couldn’t stay awake and would have to sleep through my off days.  When you work night shift, you essentially need 2 off days to feel like you’ve had a break. And I spent so many hours awake at night and you can’t do much at night. No stores are open, and you can’t run errands.  Housework and laundry is about all you can knock out late at night/early AM.  So, I was ready to give day shift a shot!

The annoying thing now though, is I STILL cannot wake up at a decent time.  On my off days, I’m lucky if I make it out of bed by 10am.  It’s almost always 1100-1230 before I’m up and awake.  That’s ridiculous.  And waking up at 630AM is sooo much harder than waking up at 530PM.  I really thought by now I would be doing great in my day shift schedule and I’d be up bright and early every day…maybe not at 630am every day, but by 9am at least on my off days. Nope.  And it’s a different kind of tired.  Night shift tired is almost a painful, dizzy, sick-like tired. My current state of tired is a simpler tired, but I end up wasting just as much of my day as I did before, if not more!  Oh, and did I mention night shift PAYS so much better!  Yeah, that hit our bank account hard.  One of these days…ok, years…we’re gonna want babies of our own.  And we need to be saving for that now.  But that’s not happening :/

I know working night shift over long periods of time will wear and tear on your overall health far more than keeping a normal day shift schedule.  Research shows night shift workers age quicker and are more prone to illness  and other health issues.  So I am a battle point these days.  Night shift or day shift?  Which is really better?  Clearly they both have their pros and cons.  But which carries more weight?  I’m not sure I really know.

One thing I do know, regardless if it’s at night or during the day, I love looking at these sweet little faces every week!! (and no, these are not UAB babies!  I’m HIPAA compliant!! These images were just pulled from the internet)


I love the actual work part of my job! 🙂 And it helps with my baby crave! haha. If I didn’t work with these little ones all the time, I would really be itching to have one of our own!!!!  But they help make it ok to wait 🙂