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So, I slept until almost 1pm today. Ridiculous, I know.  I swear, I feel like I sleep more with a day shift job than I did working night shift.  Like I said, ridiculous.  But, somehow I was a machine today getting all sorts of little projects done around the house.

First, I finally got my botanical prints hung that my mother-in-law bought me for my birthday last month!  Check them out…

After that I did some major house cleaning.  With 3 dogs in the house, it’s amazing how much dog hair accumulates everywhere if I get behind on vacuuming!  So the whole house got a deep clean.  Luckily the weather was awesome today, so I had windows open all over the house and that put me in a happy little spring cleaning mood.

After cleaning, I decided to take down some “bachelor pad” signs that have been hanging in Greg’s house ever since he and the guys all lived here.  We had these lovely signs hanging in the back den…

We didn’t get rid of them, but they will live in the outdoor shed for now 😉  Next, I decided to hang a few new items around the house, like this really cool magazine rack I snagged at TJMaxx last week…

 I really like how it fits on this wall.  The whole corner seems more complete now.

Then my last project of the day was making a Valentine’s Day wreath for the front door.  I found this heart shaped grapevine wreath at Micheal’s last week, but it needed some color.

I found these cute felt rosebuds at Hobby Lobby, and I bought this ribbon at WalMart.

First, I decided to stitch the rosebuds together so they would hold securely as one piece when I got ready to attach them to the wreath.  I just hand-stitched around some the of the leave’s edges to form 1 cluster of rosebuds.

I applied some E6000 glue to the back of the roses to attach to the wreath, but I also wrapped some thread around it all to help secure it.  I kinda just rigged it until it held firmly.  haha, so here’s my progress after attaching the roses.

 Then I started at the top and loosely wrapped the ribbon around the wreath, looping it through the pieces of twigs.  Oh, and at my starting point, I hand-stitched a small loop at the end of the ribbon, and looped that around the end of a twig to hold the ribbon in place.

I just continued making loops all around the wreath, and then tucked the end of the ribbon into the twigs in the center.  Done!

We are ready for Valentine’s Day now 🙂
oh, and speaking of holidays….I took our Christmas stockings to get monogrammed a few weeks ago, and picked them up yesterday.  I love them!

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