doggie playdate


Last weekend we had some friends come stay with us.  It was our first set of guests in our guest room, which I was excited about! (Luckily, I had cleaned the room out quite a bit a few weeks ago).  It’s not done yet, but at least the bed and floor aren’t covered in stuff.  Anyways, Saturday we decided to take all the dogs to Oak Mountain State Park for a play date.  Between us and our friends, we had 5 dogs with us.

Lily and Jack belong to us (we left Sophie at home)
Rebel (is one of Jack’s nephews) and belongs to Creed (who came to stay with us)
Josie (Jack’s nephew, Rebel’s sister) belongs to John and Leah
And Copper is one of Taylor and Jeslyn’s handsome pointers
The dogs had a blast, and we had fun too!  Lily isn’t too much a fan of the water. She mainly stays on the shoreline and barks at the other dogs as they chase the ball out into the water. But the other dogs were hilarious!  Since the water was so shallow in some areas, they couldn’t really swim out to the ball. So instead they jumped like gazelles through the water.
It was a good day for all!  And a great weekend with friends 🙂
family of labs
 Creed and John
 me and Mary Grace