Disney trip

Well we did it again.  We packed our bags and headed down to Disney for the annual marathon weekend.  Our crew consisted of my mom and Dwayne, Emily and her friend Rachel who also joined us last year, Katie and Chuck, Zach and his fiance Lindsey, and me and Greg. We did 2 days in the parks, the 1/2 marathon was on Saturday, and the full was on Sunday.  Chuck, Katie and Zach all ran the 1/2 marathon together, then Chuck and Zach did the “Goofy Challenge” meaning they also ran the full marathon. Yep. 39.3 miles in 2 days.  I would die.  This was Katie’s first 1/2 marathon, and she did great!  Zach and Chuck ran right beside her the whole way, which I’m sure was a huge motivator.

We (well, the runners especially) decided it probably wasn’t the best idea to do our days in the parks prior to the races. My feet and legs were already tired and sore by Saturday, I can’t imagine how their bodies felt.  Not to mention the races started at 6am.  But, regardless, all the runners finished their races and still had a smile on their face after it all!

Another fun part of the trip was this year Chuck and I actually got to celebrate our birthdays while we were there. Last year, we didn’t fly down until the day after my birthday.  But this year we celebrated Chuck’s birthday with a full day at the Magic Kingdom followed by dinner at T-Rex (it’s just like Rainforest Cafe, but with dinosaur theme).  Then we spent my birthday at Hollywood Studios and had a delicious dinner at Planet Hollywood….and I just realized that’s a lot of Hollywood!  Chuck turned 24 on Jan 5, and I turned the big 26 on Jan 6. 

We had a lot of fun. I didn’t take many pictures this year though.  My mom, Katie and Lindsay all had nicer cameras, so I let them do more of the snapping.  But I did manage to sneak a few in…

I snagged this pic from Lindsey. Girl pic! 🙂

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  1. Can I just say that Chuck’s “true form” does come out every now and then? I mean, check out that face he’s making on the splash mountain picture. THAT is it true Chuck that isn’t seen very often!

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