JOY to the World!

Christmas at casa de Boggs was great this year!  Greg and I woke up and had Christmas morning to ourselves (plus our crazy dogs) before heading over to Greg’s sisters house to join up with the rest of the Boggs clan.  Oh, and by the way, Christmas morning started bright and early at 7:20 at our house.  That’s right.  To be honest, I don’t think I’ve done Christmas morning that early since I was probably 8 years old.  But, Greg insisted we get up early!  (And we had to be at my in-laws house around 9:30, since our sweet little niece and nephew would be up bright and early!)  So, 7am the alarm started going off, and we were up opening presents shortly after!

Here we are Christmas morning!

We headed over to Jordan and Eric’s house to do Christmas with his family, and Evey (our niece) was SOOO excited!  They had already done “Santa gifts” earlier that morning, so she was so excited showing me all the things that Santa brought her.  She even pulled me into her bedroom to show me the castle play-tent she had gotten…and insisted I climb inside of it with her!  Bennett was excited too, even though he has no idea what “Christmas” is.  He kept climbing inside the playhouse (with me and Evey) and would just sit and giggle!  I meant to take a lot of pictures of them, but surprisingly no one else had their cameras out, so I didn’t want to be the camera Nazi snapping away all morning.  But I did get a cute shot of Bennett.  Greg was flying his new remote-controlled helicopter I got him, and Bennett was amazed!!

After all that, we headed to my mom’s house and had lunch and did Christmas with my family.  Poor Emily had to go from spending every Christmas Eve and morning with her sisters, just like every year before, to being the only child left at home.  It was just her, my mom and Dwayne this year for Christmas morning.  So they actually waited and did most of their gift giving when Katie and I (and our husbands) came over.  It was fun though!  It was nice getting to spend the day with all of our family, not having to pick either Greg’s family or my family to spend Christmas with (which I was afraid might happen if we had to go to GA for Christmas). But luckily Greg’s parents came to B’ham, so it made it much easier for us to spread out time amongst everyone.

 Emily with her new brothers! 🙂

Then if that wasn’t enough bouncing around from house to house, we went back to Greg’s sister’s house for dinner and to spend time with his grandparents who had gotten into town. And THEN we went for a quick game of bowling with his cousins (and Katie, Chuck and Emily joined us!).  By the time we got home around 9:30, we were both exhausted.  I went straight to bed since I had work again the next day.

All in all, Christmas 2011 was a success!  God has been good to us this year, and I’m excited about future holidays we will have together!  I hope everyone had a safe and blessed Christmas holiday with your loved ones as well!