Merry Christmas from the Boggs

Tomorrow officially begins the 1 week countdown till Christmas. Is it just me, or did Christmas sneak up on you this year too?  Just this week I was still putting out a few Christmas decorations until I realized how close we are to Christmas.  So, I just put the rest into the shed till next year.  Being a newlywed and adjusting to moving in a new home (for me) has gotten me behind these last few months.  I’ve still not gotten around to writing wedding thank-you notes!! Now that’s pretty bad.

But, there’s nothing better than being a newlywed at Christmas! 🙂  As a matter of fact, we just got these printed yesterday and they are going out in the mail today!

My sister and her husband are also enjoying their first Christmas as newlyweds.  The four of us went to get our Christmas trees together a few weeks ago.
Greg and I got a big guy this year!
And I’ve enjoyed filling our tree with memorable newlywed ornaments 🙂
this one’s my favorite
this one actually says “our first Christmas”
and I blogged about making these here
I’m excited about starting new holiday traditions between Greg and I this Christmas. We decided to fill stockings for one another which I think will be fun. Both his family and mine will go to the Candlelight Christmas Eve service together at church, and we will get up and do Christmas between the two of us in our first home together.  It’s funny to think that these are the years and the memories that we will start to build as a family of 2 for now.  And when we have kids of our own, new memories will form with new traditions. Speaking of Christmas morning traditions, I couldn’t help myself when I saw this Santa plate and mug at Pottery Barn this year. It has the perfect vintage feel to it almost as though it’s already been a part of Christmas mornings in the past.
 the plate is not nearly as big as it seems in this picture
I have so many fond memories of Christmases growing up with my family.  My sisters and I actually slept in the same bed on Christmas Eve, even last year!  And although it’s a little bittersweet leaving those traditions behind to embrace new ones, I’m so happy with the man God has given me to share life with.  He makes me smile every day.  He loves me unconditionally, supports me and just makes life better!  So from our little family, we wish you a wonderful Christmas holiday with the ones you love!

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