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We are far from finished, but our home is finally looking more and more like a married couple’s home, not a frat house.  Partially because until our outdoor shed arrived last Friday, we still had boxes sitting all around the house (mainly, the front den).  We had cleaned out closets,  garage sold a lot of unwanted items, donated to the thrift store A LOT MORE items, and organized the best we could. But until the shed arrived the remaining tools, boxes of holiday decor, wreaths, paint, extra rugs….you get the idea…it all just sat around on the floors.  But, thanks now to this little beauty gracing our side yard, we finally got a lot of “stuff” out of the house.

I didn’t get any “before” pictures of our front den because it just never occurred to me to document the awful state it was in.  But, of course now I wish I had a before and after shot to show, because it’s soooo much better now!  Allow me to paint you a picture.  The walls were “neutral” but the tan color had a lavender tint to it.  The built-in bookshelves along the back wall had white trim, white back walls, but natural wood shelves.  The center wall section between the built-ins had a textured marble-like mixture of paint in a gray tint.  There were boxes sitting all over the floor that still needed unpacking (or moving into the shed), the rug was rolled up in the corner and not a thing hung on the walls.  OH, and there were both red drapes and golden velour fabric drapes hanging from all the windows.  YIKES, it was pretty awful.

Then for our Christmas gift this year, Greg’s mom offered to come help us do whatever we needed to help get this room looking like a functional den.  Over the course of 3 hard-working days she helped us totally transform the room!  We could have never done it that quickly without her!  And now, this is the room that welcomes us when we walk in the door.

The drapes were replaced with bamboo Roman shades that hung from the ceiling to help give some height to the room. I already had the green and brown decor from my previous home, and with our refinished hardwood floors, everything really came together nicely.
 The sofa and buffet table swapped places to create a more defined seating area.
A Kendall Boggs original painting found it’s perfect home above the buffet 🙂
And the bookshelves got a much needed update.  Remember, the shelves were just a natural wood and the back walls were white with the gray wall in the center.  Kendall has also offered to make us a bench cushion for that storage bench.
In the middle section I’m going to find some vintage botanical prints and do a gallery similar to this…
And since we’re on the topic of house decor, here’s how the rest of our home looks for the holidays!

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