Titans game

Ever since I met Greg almost 2 years ago, I’ve heard all about his love for the Tennessee Titans pro football team.  He grew up in Nashville, and has been an avid Titans fan ever since.  Early this football season he talked about wanting to go to a Titans game this year.  I love me some football, so even though I had never heard of the Titans before, I was not opposed to going to a game with him.  We looked at the schedule months ago and he picked out a few good games he would like to see.   For part of his birthday gift this year, I got us tickets to the Titans vs. New Orleans Saints game in Nashville.

Then Sunday morning we woke up, and unfortunately, I was so sick. I felt awful, my throat was sore, my body ached, but we weren’t missing this game.  The game was at noon, so at 9am we were out the door and Greg drove us to Nashville. I, of course, slept the entire trip up there.  We got to the game about halfway into the 1st quarter.  Our seats were in the upper deck, but on the 50 yard line.

 It was pretty cold!

Considering Greg was expecting the Titans to get crushed by the Saints, I’d say it was a pretty good game.  TN got the first touchdown of the game, and were actually leading into the 2nd half.  It wasn’t until the 4th quarter that the Saints pulled ahead with 2 more touchdowns, but even so the final score was 22-17.  So, still not a total blow-out.

Luckily, I had dressed warmly for the game and also brought a blanket to wrap up in.  But, I had absolutely no energy, so I’m sure I was a pretty boring person to be with.  I started feeling a little better by the end of the game, but then on the drive home I spiked a fever for a while until Greg stopped and got me some medicine.   Oh, and I slept again for most of that drive.

This was when I was feeling a little better, and probably the best picture of the day. 
 Here we are leaving the game with the Nashville skyline behind us.
All-in-all it was still a great day! Greg had a good time, and that’s the most important part.  I loved spending the day with him, regardless of how I felt.  I may be the nurse, but he’s good at taking care of me too 🙂   Happy early birthday, sweetie!!