Honeymoon time- Day 4

Our fourth day we mostly just wandered around the Atlantis property, going back to eat at one of our favorite places from earlier in the week, revisiting some of the aquariums, and just exploring the area.  No agendas, just taking it easy.  Greg took some time taking pictures of some architectural details of the resort.


 We went back to the lagoon restaurant, and I got the fettuccine alfredo, AGAIN. I so wish I could eat this stuff every week.  How strange is it that an island is the Bahama’s is where I have found the best chicken alfredo ever??  The restaurant was really cool too.  It sat in the middle of the lagoon, had an aquarium below it, and some cool murals painted on the dome ceiling.

 The biggest aquarium is right in the center of the Royal Tower, next to the casino.  This is where the manta rays live!
 We walked to the dolphin cay to watch them do some shows.
For dinner that night we decided to take a taxi into town and eat at a local place called The Poop Deck.  Greg has eaten here many times with his family on vacation, and it’s one of his favorite places to eat in Nassau.  After dinner, we walked through the marina and stopped for ice cream!