Honeymoon time – Day 3

Day 3 of our honeymoon began with a trip to the Nassau Straw Market.  It’s a street market (picture the scene from the Disney movie Aladin where Jasmine walks through the market in disguise…”purses for the pretty lady…jewelry, bags, hats….come take a look pretty lady.”)  Yep,it’s just like that.  It was fun, and I walked away with a straw hat (of course!) and a fake Coach duffel bag. hehe

Oh, and we stopped at Senior Frog for lunch…

 We took a ferry ride from the Straw Market back across to the Atlantis property.
I just couldn’t get enough of that awesome resort. It looked so cool every time I saw it!
 The rest of the afternoon was super chill.  After the market we just went to the pools and relaxed. I got my pina colada by the pool, and I was set 🙂
 Greg wanted to enjoy his strawberry daiquiri on the lazy river…
 We decided to stay at the pool till sunset which was nice cause the pool decks cleared out early and we were the only ones left.  We had nowhere to be, so why not 🙂  I think we just went back to the casino lounge again for dinner that night.  Like I said, this was our slow chill day.