Honeymoon time- Day 2

Our second day began bright and early with a dolphin swim! It was so much fun!!  We took a boat ride over to another island and got waist deep in the water with a dolphin. The dolphin hugged us, gave us a kiss on the cheek, danced with us, and did some tricks. We also fed it a fish!  I loved it!

“Dolphin Encounters”…. some people have no photography skills. I asked the ferry guy to take our picture in front of the sign.  Is it too much to ask that you actually get the whole sign in the picture???

 This is their pregnant dolphin
 After our dolphin encounter we walked over to the beach area to sit for a few minutes until our ferry boat came back to get us.  Greg enjoyed a dip in the water while I obviously tried to get some sun 🙂
 That tan triangle shape in the water is a wild stingray that was swimming around in the water right along the beach.  It was so weird seeing wildlife so closely mixed in with humans.  He could have just swam right past you!
 The boat ride back to Paradise Island. Could the water and sky be any bluer?? Gorgeous! And there’s NO editing done to these 2 pictures below! Straight off my camera.
 Oh hey rings, aren’t you beautiful 🙂

lunch out at the Harborside pier by our condos

After lunch, we decided to hang out at the Harborside pool, since it was quieter and less crowded.  Well, both Greg and I literally fell asleep for about 2 hours.  And I’m talking deep sleep, like you would have thought we were in our beds!  Thank goodness we had lathered up on sunscreen prior or we would have been lobsters! When we woke up, we headed back over to the Royal Towers to do some more exploring.

This is Bobby Flay’s restaurant.  Unfortunately, the cheapest meal on the menu is roughly $65, and honeymoon or not, that was a bit out of our price range.

But we had our own nice dinner that night without Bobby Flay.  We freshened up and went to an awesome buffet at the Royal Towers called Marketplace.  And what did we do after dinner?? Yep, explored the aquariums again (and the casino).  Can you tell I love aquariums?  Oh, and you can’t go to Atlantis and not get this shot… (tourist alert!)


You can’t tell by this picture, but this manta ray is HUGE!! I mean really, really huge! He has a wingspan of probably 12 feet.  Yeah, he’s a big guy.