Honeymoon time- Arrival and Day 1

We had such a great honeymoon! The weather was wonderful.  It was sunny with a high of 85-90 degrees and 60s in the evenings. Perfect weather.  We had a ground floor condo separate from the main resort. So, we didn’t feel like we were in a huge hotel and that was nice.  We ate delicious food all week, rode on some awesome water slides and not-so-lazy rivers with rapids.  We played a little in the casino, found lots of aquariums, got massages, and swam with a dolphin!  That pretty much sums up the week.

But, you know I can’t do a honeymoon post without some a ton of pictures. And believe me, we have tons.  So, to make this easier, I’ll divide it up like the wedding posts.

The night of the wedding, the best man’s parents drove us to Atlanta to stay at the Boggs’ condo since we were catching out flight out of ATL Sunday morning. Here we are about to crash for the night, and boy were we tired…

Bahamas bound!
Sunday afternoon we basically just wandered around Atlantis checking out some cool stuff…like this guy…
 and this guy…
We slept in Monday…actually, we pretty much slept in every day.  Clocks, phones, schedules…none of that matters on your honeymoon 🙂  But, by noonish we were finally up and ready for some pools and slides at the Atlantis resort.
Here we are at the Royal Towers, and behind us across the marina are our Harborside condos.  Aren’t the cute?!
 After some lazy river and water slides, we ate lunch out by the lagoon, which was delicious. This was honestly my favorite meal of the trip. Delicious chicken fettucine alfredo. And Greg had an awesome shrimp pizza.

 beautiful sunset by the dolphin cay

  We ended our first day with massages, which were AMAZING!  And wandered through some more aquariums before heading back to get ready for dinner.

 We went out to dinner at Bimini Road in the marina.  It was yummy!