fun filled wedding parties- Part 2

I had to separate the wedding parties into 2 posts.  There was just too much going on that weekend!  After my bridal tea on Saturday, we had our big couples shower on Sunday.  This one was hosted by Greg’s family.  His parents, aunt Kim, Jordan and Eric, and Callen all helped throw a great party!  Kim was so kind to host everyone at her house, and the weather was great and perfect for an outside lunch party.  They cooked all of my favorite things!  Greg teased me a few days before that he knew what we’d be eating at the party and I didn’t.  But, I convinced him to tell me, and he said Jordan had called him and asked him what some of my favorite foods were.  And that’s just what we had!  We ate chicken, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and had chocolate cake and caramel cake for dessert (the caramel cake was for Greg!).  It was all so yummy!  Man, we ate good ALL WEEKEND LONG!

So many of our friends came to the shower! Almost all my girls were here!  (Liz and Elissa, you were greatly missed!!!)  Brit and Sara even came up from Orange Beach!  Of course they did also go to Bama game Saturday, so I’m sure that had a lot to do with it 😉 

And of course Greg had several of his old fraternity brothers there.  And some friends and family of the Boggs were all there.  So it made for a great mix of all our favorite people 🙂

 oh hey Leah! haha
LOVE my sisters
 Hey Mr. and Mrs. Abbey 😉
and future Mr. and Mrs. Lemley!
no matter who we marry, we will always be Graves girls 🙂
mom and her new hubs
ya think mom’s itching for some grandbabies??  haha

all my sisters

Towards the end of the party, a few people (Katie and Mrs. Boggs, in particular) really wanted us to open their gifts. So, since most everyone had left besides family, we decided to sit and open all of our gifts.  We have such wonderful friends and family, and they treated us well.

We were really excited about the 75 piece tool set that Dwaye, mom and Emily gave us! House projects here we come!
I got lots of cake stands which I will use on my bridal cake table.
Yep, it’s a Shake Weight. Thanks Dana and Chesley 😉

All in all, it was a great weekend!  And as of today we are officially 1 week away from our big day. OH. MY. GOODNESS!