fun filled wedding parties-Part 1

Man, there is so much to write about, I don’t even know what to start.  And I’ve been itching to do this post for weeks, but I just got the pics from my mom’s camera.  So, with all the craziness that has gone on in the last month or two, between everyone else’s weddings, and school starting back for some people, and football season, we decided to do our big wedding shower and my bridal tea all in one weekend.  That way people who were coming into town for the festivities could just knock it all out at once. 

So, a few Saturdays ago, my dear friend Christine and her mother hosted my bridal tea.  It was wonderful!  Christine is my oldest friend. I met her in the 2nd grade and I’m so glad that we have remained friends for all these years.  The tea was a success. Her and her mother are amazing cooks and whipped up a delicious brunch of cinnamon rolls and orange rolls, fruit kabobs, breakfast quiches, and blueberry muffins! Yumm!!!  Seriously, everyone was raving over the food.  And, if you would like to taste some of this goodness, you should go check out her mother’s booth at the Farmer’s Market at Pepper Place, Saturday mornings from 7am-noon.  Just look for “Darlene’s Kitchen.”  Ok, back to the tea.  It was so nice to see friends and family all together on a beautiful Saturday morning.  And it may sound strange, but the location was perfect.  Christine and her husband and kids rent the house that my Grandaddy and Nana lived in ever since my mom was a baby. My Grandaddy built the house, and after my Nana died 2 years ago, we have not wanted to sell it. So, we offered Christine and her sweet family to rent it.  And I love being able to keep going back to that house.  I have so many family memories in that house and it was nice to add this special day to that list.  Ok, so let’s show some pictures!

Here is me, mom, and our lovely hostesses.

And with the in-laws. Look how wonderfully coordinated we are! None of that was planned, if you can believe it.

Sorry, the lighting on this photo is so awful. But, it’s a cute pic!

  Here’s me and my sweet friends. By the way girls, I keep meaning to tell yall what Katie said to me that morning. She leaned over and said, “man, you have such cute stylish friends!  🙂

 Pretty sure this was during a “why am I so tall??” conversation, followed by a squat 😉  Which is funny, cause in my family, I’m NOT the overly tall one
Me and my sisters, and mom and her sister. Only thing missing in this picture is my dear sweet Nana.
 Love you friend!

And we got some great gifts too!  Check out that copper pot! My in-laws brought that back from their recent trip to Italy a few weeks ago. And I heard they actually got to meet the guy who crafts each pot.  He hammers it out of one giant sheet of copper. So cool!

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  1. yay for bridal tea! i’m so glad i got the chance to do it for you 🙂 and so so so glad we are still friends after all of these years! love you!

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