House remodeling

Today embarks a new adventure for the soon to be Boggs team.  Greg and I have been contemplating having the carpets in his house ripped up and the underneath hardwoods refinished for at least the last 2 months.  With multiple dogs living in the house between he and his old roommate and my dogs occassionally over the last year, the carpets have had their share of wear and tear.  Plus, we know it would greatly add value to the home when we get ready to sell it one day.  So, since we are now just over a week away from being married (hooray!) and living under 1 roof, we decided to go for it.  And with his house only half occupied at the moment it really was the best time. 

We debated about doing the work ourselves, since you can rent the sanding machine from Lowes.  But after talking to a few people who have done it themselves, and they said it was “the worst decision ever,” we took their advice and just called in the pros. Plus, with the wedding quickly approaching, we didn’t need to get knee deep in a project we couldn’t handle.

So, that means all afternoon/this evening we will be moving all the furniture from the back 3 bedrooms and front living room into his back den (or to my house).  We will also have to put up some tarps over the doorways through the kitchen to hopefully keep all the nasty hardwood grit out of the kitchen and back portion of the house.  Then Wednesday morning, the pros will show up and begin their work.  They said it will be completed by Friday.  Considering our wedding is less than 2 weeks away, let’s hope it all goes smoothly!   🙂