fun in the bluegrass state

**Update: Finally got some pictures uploaded!**
Well, we didn’t listen to any bluegrass on our trip to Kentucky.  But we passed by Dino World, a llama farm, and some kind of cave adventures attraction with exotic birds and kangaroos.  I’m not lying folks. That’s what the billboard said…”Cave Adventures! Exotic Birds! Kangaroos!”  That’s Kentucky, for ya 😉

It was a great wedding weekend for our friends, John and Lindsay.  John is one of Greg’s fraternity brothers and best friends.  Their rehearsal dinner was at this great barn that has been remodeled and updated.  There was a bonfire outside, a field of sunflowers, and a little herd of ducks wandered the property.  For dinner we ate from a whole pig that had been roasting in a big black oven, and lanterns were lit everywhere, and we all sat down to eat inside the barn by candlelit tables.  I loved it, and honestly, there were a LOT of elements that will be used in our own wedding.  Lindsay and I must have very similar tastes!

Me and Dana at the rehearsal dinner

We’re finally next!

Friday evening, the boys all went out for a little bachelor bonding time.  I had gotten off work Friday morning, and my little cat naps on the road trip that day weren’t enough by 10pm that night.  So, the guys dropped Dana and I back off at the hotel, and I CRASHED for the night.  Saturday morning, us girls wanted to do a little shopping, so we wandered around Louisville till we found a mall nearby while the guys headed to a local bar to do some football watching.

Then Saturday evening, it was wedding time.  The wedding ceremony was held on the rooftop of a downtown building and the reception took place down below on the main level.  On the inside, it looked a lot like the Workplay building here in Birmingham, but a lot bigger.  The wedding was lovely, and the weather was nice.

Unfortunately, my computer is on the fritz. Seriously.  So as to not stress it any more than necessary, I have not loaded my recent pics.  Instead, I’m probably going shopping for a new computer in the next few days.  Lovely.  I have so many pictures to share, between my mom’s wedding, John and Lindsay’s wedding, and our own wedding showers coming up this weekend.  So get ready. I will probably have a picture post explosion in the near future 😉

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  1. might that be bar-b-q sauce on greg’s blue shirt?? he needs to learn to stop spilling! hahaha he will forever and always be “the bar-b-q bandit” of our wedding 🙂 lol

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