Kentucky, here we come!

We are off to Loiusville, Kentucky today!  One of Greg’s best friends is getting married tomorrow.  Greg will be a groomsman, and the groom will be in our wedding too.  I’ve never been to Kentucky before, so I’m excited about going somewhere new.  From what I hear, it’s lovely.  It’s a little bit of country, with a taste of the city.  And the location where the wedding and reception will be is a brand new district in the downtown area (I think).  The way the couple described it to us, it sounds a lot like the district the city of Birmingham is starting to build down by the BJCC. It sounds really cool!

Since I’m finishing up my 4th night at work this morning, I will hopefully be catching some shut-eye on the 5-hour roadtrip today.  We will be traveling with another couple, so Greg will have some company.  I think me and DK will do a little shopping in the morning while all the groomsmen do their wedding day bonding.  Maybe I’ll find some wedding shoes for myself while I’m there.  I’m still on the hunt for those, and unfortunately ivory is not a popular color in stores right now.  Ivory shoes are not being restocked this time of year. 

I’ll be sure to take some pics throughout the weekend.  The weather forcast shows some rain, but hopefully we’ll manage to miss it.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!