changing seasons

It’s September now, and tropical storm Lee came through Sunday night bringing with it some cool autumn air.  I actually contemplated turning my heat on last night, but decided an extra blanket on the bed would do just fine.  I also have a blanket of pine straw covering my front yard and sidewalk, as well.  That’s going to have to be raked soon.  It may be a tad bit early for this, but I even busted out a pair of boots yesterday!  However, I didn’t wear them over skinny jeans (just under my regular ones), and they weren’t suede…so I figured I was safe 😉  I also decided it was time to give the blog a little autumn facelift.  And my recent obsession with owls meant this little guy was perfect for the job!

My love for holiday decor is starting to get out of hand on Pinterest.  I love finding cute holiday things that I can eventually put into….wait for it….OUR house. That’s right.  I think before anything else, I will be unpacking my autumn decor and finding a new home for each item at casa de la Boggs 🙂  I’m bummed that Greg’s house doesn’t have a fireplace though, since half of my holiday decorations are meant for mantles.  I guess some shelves mounted on the walls will have the same effect.

As of today, we are officially ONE month away from our wedding.  The countdown has begun! I can’t believe it’s getting so close. I’m really excited, partially cause I can’t wait for everyone to see all the things I’ve been planning over the past few months.  I love my decorations.  I think they have just the right amount of “autumn” without being over the top. It’ll be the perfect way to kick off the fall season 🙂  Ahh, I can’t wait!!

So, in support of the changing season, here are a few things I love…

I have been eyeing these lanterns in the Pottery Barn catalogs for years, but at prices ranging from $29.00 for the smallest one, and $99.00 for the large, my wallet just couldn’t do it.  BUT, this year a good friend of mine told me Garden Ridge sells some (and they look identical!). So, I bought one of each size, and paid roughly $55 for all three!
 And look what else I just found on the Pottery Barn website! Love it!
 I really like white pumpkins. Hopefully these will make an appearance at the wedding!
 Oooo! I may be wrapping Christmas gifts in burlap this year 🙂

Hope everyone enjoys the cool weather while it’s here. Looks like it’s back into the 80’s by this weekend…