in other news

Considering how little I talked about wedding stuff for the first few months of being engaged, I surprisingly can’t seem to stop now.  So, to spare you more wedding jibber jabber, I’m going to update you on the rest of my life.

I continue to have to do mandatory overtime at work these days.  It’s been over 2 months now of overtime, and I’m getting pretty tired of it.  Yes, the extra money is nice, but my time is more precious. We have 3 new grads that were hired over the summer that just came off orientation, and the managers keep saying they are getting a few more travel nurses. So, I’ve got my fingers crossed that this will end soon.  But with over 100 babies between our units, I have my doubts.

Greg has really started getting his house ready for my arrival 🙂  He has done quite a bit of cleaning, sold the sectional, moved the office furniture into his roommate’s old room, and set-up a new den arrangement with some sofas we inherited from his sister.  It’s getting there.  Unfortunately, MY house still remains on the market for renters. We really need renters, ideally starting Nov. 1st. That would give us time to move all of my stuff out after the wedding and do a few more updates.  So, if anyone is interested or knows anyone interested in renting a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, ADORABLE little Homewood house for $1,000/month….let me know!!!! 

What else can I tell you about?  Unfortunately, I had to pick up my overtime on Labor day, even though it’s not my scheduled holiday this year.  Yuck.  But, I had Saturday off, and I got to enjoy some good football games.  It’s amazing how suddenly this week my house has become so “fall.”  A lot of pinestraw started falling this week, and the leaves in the backyard are starting to fall.  And, the weather has been a little bit milder in the mornings when I get home from work. And football is here!  Another great reason to embrace the changing seasons 🙂

I think that about does it for now.  I’m working 4 nights this week, then we head out to Kentucky first thing Friday morning for one of Greg’s best friend’s wedding this weekend. That’s right, another wedding!  Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day.  Birmingham folks will get rained on all day thanks to tropical storm Lee passing through.  So, enjoy the holiday indoors everyone!  Don’t get washed away! 😉