House remodeling

Today embarks a new adventure for the soon to be Boggs team.  Greg and I have been contemplating having the carpets in his house ripped up and the underneath hardwoods refinished for at least the last 2 months.  With multiple dogs living in the house between he and his old roommate and my dogs occassionally over the last year, the carpets have had their share of wear and tear.  Plus, we know it would greatly add value to the home when we get ready to sell it one day.  So, since we are now just over a week away from being married (hooray!) and living under 1 roof, we decided to go for it.  And with his house only half occupied at the moment it really was the best time. 

We debated about doing the work ourselves, since you can rent the sanding machine from Lowes.  But after talking to a few people who have done it themselves, and they said it was “the worst decision ever,” we took their advice and just called in the pros. Plus, with the wedding quickly approaching, we didn’t need to get knee deep in a project we couldn’t handle.

So, that means all afternoon/this evening we will be moving all the furniture from the back 3 bedrooms and front living room into his back den (or to my house).  We will also have to put up some tarps over the doorways through the kitchen to hopefully keep all the nasty hardwood grit out of the kitchen and back portion of the house.  Then Wednesday morning, the pros will show up and begin their work.  They said it will be completed by Friday.  Considering our wedding is less than 2 weeks away, let’s hope it all goes smoothly!   🙂

fun in the bluegrass state

**Update: Finally got some pictures uploaded!**
Well, we didn’t listen to any bluegrass on our trip to Kentucky.  But we passed by Dino World, a llama farm, and some kind of cave adventures attraction with exotic birds and kangaroos.  I’m not lying folks. That’s what the billboard said…”Cave Adventures! Exotic Birds! Kangaroos!”  That’s Kentucky, for ya 😉

It was a great wedding weekend for our friends, John and Lindsay.  John is one of Greg’s fraternity brothers and best friends.  Their rehearsal dinner was at this great barn that has been remodeled and updated.  There was a bonfire outside, a field of sunflowers, and a little herd of ducks wandered the property.  For dinner we ate from a whole pig that had been roasting in a big black oven, and lanterns were lit everywhere, and we all sat down to eat inside the barn by candlelit tables.  I loved it, and honestly, there were a LOT of elements that will be used in our own wedding.  Lindsay and I must have very similar tastes!

Me and Dana at the rehearsal dinner

We’re finally next!

Friday evening, the boys all went out for a little bachelor bonding time.  I had gotten off work Friday morning, and my little cat naps on the road trip that day weren’t enough by 10pm that night.  So, the guys dropped Dana and I back off at the hotel, and I CRASHED for the night.  Saturday morning, us girls wanted to do a little shopping, so we wandered around Louisville till we found a mall nearby while the guys headed to a local bar to do some football watching.

Then Saturday evening, it was wedding time.  The wedding ceremony was held on the rooftop of a downtown building and the reception took place down below on the main level.  On the inside, it looked a lot like the Workplay building here in Birmingham, but a lot bigger.  The wedding was lovely, and the weather was nice.

Unfortunately, my computer is on the fritz. Seriously.  So as to not stress it any more than necessary, I have not loaded my recent pics.  Instead, I’m probably going shopping for a new computer in the next few days.  Lovely.  I have so many pictures to share, between my mom’s wedding, John and Lindsay’s wedding, and our own wedding showers coming up this weekend.  So get ready. I will probably have a picture post explosion in the near future 😉

Kentucky, here we come!

We are off to Loiusville, Kentucky today!  One of Greg’s best friends is getting married tomorrow.  Greg will be a groomsman, and the groom will be in our wedding too.  I’ve never been to Kentucky before, so I’m excited about going somewhere new.  From what I hear, it’s lovely.  It’s a little bit of country, with a taste of the city.  And the location where the wedding and reception will be is a brand new district in the downtown area (I think).  The way the couple described it to us, it sounds a lot like the district the city of Birmingham is starting to build down by the BJCC. It sounds really cool!

Since I’m finishing up my 4th night at work this morning, I will hopefully be catching some shut-eye on the 5-hour roadtrip today.  We will be traveling with another couple, so Greg will have some company.  I think me and DK will do a little shopping in the morning while all the groomsmen do their wedding day bonding.  Maybe I’ll find some wedding shoes for myself while I’m there.  I’m still on the hunt for those, and unfortunately ivory is not a popular color in stores right now.  Ivory shoes are not being restocked this time of year. 

I’ll be sure to take some pics throughout the weekend.  The weather forcast shows some rain, but hopefully we’ll manage to miss it.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

changing seasons

It’s September now, and tropical storm Lee came through Sunday night bringing with it some cool autumn air.  I actually contemplated turning my heat on last night, but decided an extra blanket on the bed would do just fine.  I also have a blanket of pine straw covering my front yard and sidewalk, as well.  That’s going to have to be raked soon.  It may be a tad bit early for this, but I even busted out a pair of boots yesterday!  However, I didn’t wear them over skinny jeans (just under my regular ones), and they weren’t suede…so I figured I was safe 😉  I also decided it was time to give the blog a little autumn facelift.  And my recent obsession with owls meant this little guy was perfect for the job!

My love for holiday decor is starting to get out of hand on Pinterest.  I love finding cute holiday things that I can eventually put into….wait for it….OUR house. That’s right.  I think before anything else, I will be unpacking my autumn decor and finding a new home for each item at casa de la Boggs 🙂  I’m bummed that Greg’s house doesn’t have a fireplace though, since half of my holiday decorations are meant for mantles.  I guess some shelves mounted on the walls will have the same effect.

As of today, we are officially ONE month away from our wedding.  The countdown has begun! I can’t believe it’s getting so close. I’m really excited, partially cause I can’t wait for everyone to see all the things I’ve been planning over the past few months.  I love my decorations.  I think they have just the right amount of “autumn” without being over the top. It’ll be the perfect way to kick off the fall season 🙂  Ahh, I can’t wait!!

So, in support of the changing season, here are a few things I love…

I have been eyeing these lanterns in the Pottery Barn catalogs for years, but at prices ranging from $29.00 for the smallest one, and $99.00 for the large, my wallet just couldn’t do it.  BUT, this year a good friend of mine told me Garden Ridge sells some (and they look identical!). So, I bought one of each size, and paid roughly $55 for all three!
 And look what else I just found on the Pottery Barn website! Love it!
 I really like white pumpkins. Hopefully these will make an appearance at the wedding!
 Oooo! I may be wrapping Christmas gifts in burlap this year 🙂

Hope everyone enjoys the cool weather while it’s here. Looks like it’s back into the 80’s by this weekend…

in other news

Considering how little I talked about wedding stuff for the first few months of being engaged, I surprisingly can’t seem to stop now.  So, to spare you more wedding jibber jabber, I’m going to update you on the rest of my life.

I continue to have to do mandatory overtime at work these days.  It’s been over 2 months now of overtime, and I’m getting pretty tired of it.  Yes, the extra money is nice, but my time is more precious. We have 3 new grads that were hired over the summer that just came off orientation, and the managers keep saying they are getting a few more travel nurses. So, I’ve got my fingers crossed that this will end soon.  But with over 100 babies between our units, I have my doubts.

Greg has really started getting his house ready for my arrival 🙂  He has done quite a bit of cleaning, sold the sectional, moved the office furniture into his roommate’s old room, and set-up a new den arrangement with some sofas we inherited from his sister.  It’s getting there.  Unfortunately, MY house still remains on the market for renters. We really need renters, ideally starting Nov. 1st. That would give us time to move all of my stuff out after the wedding and do a few more updates.  So, if anyone is interested or knows anyone interested in renting a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, ADORABLE little Homewood house for $1,000/month….let me know!!!! 

What else can I tell you about?  Unfortunately, I had to pick up my overtime on Labor day, even though it’s not my scheduled holiday this year.  Yuck.  But, I had Saturday off, and I got to enjoy some good football games.  It’s amazing how suddenly this week my house has become so “fall.”  A lot of pinestraw started falling this week, and the leaves in the backyard are starting to fall.  And, the weather has been a little bit milder in the mornings when I get home from work. And football is here!  Another great reason to embrace the changing seasons 🙂

I think that about does it for now.  I’m working 4 nights this week, then we head out to Kentucky first thing Friday morning for one of Greg’s best friend’s wedding this weekend. That’s right, another wedding!  Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day.  Birmingham folks will get rained on all day thanks to tropical storm Lee passing through.  So, enjoy the holiday indoors everyone!  Don’t get washed away! 😉