Just the other day Greg asked me if I was excited about becoming an aunt.  No, Katie’s not pregnant. haha.  But Greg has a precious little niece and nephew, and although they are not new additions to the family, once Greg and I are married they will officially be MY little niece and nephew.  I get to be an Aunt 🙂  Little Bennett boy just turned 1 a few weeks ago, and Evey will be 3 in a few more weeks.  So, last weekend we celebrated birthdays for the two of them.  Bennett’s party was ice-cream themed, and the ice-cream man even came to the house for all the birthday guests to enjoy!

 family shot

 birthday boy!
 Evey loves some ice-cream
haha, and sweet Knox loved his snow cone!

The next day, we celebrated Evey’s birthday with a Ballerina themed party for her and her little friend, Evelyn. Yep, two Evelyns sharing a birthday party 🙂  The party was at the park, and all the kids were able to run around and play, then they all sat around eating pink doughnuts and sipping on milk and orange juice.

 Ya think Bennett likes powdered doughnuts? 😉
sweet birthday girls

birthday kisses!

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  1. you are such a special Aunt! and already theirs!
    I’ll take care of the burlap, just tell me how much I need and it’ll be done when I get back from vaca.

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