Busy is an understatement

It’s amazing what all you can accomplish when the roommate has moved out and your fiance` goes out of town for the weekend.  I had a lot of time to myself, which was kinda nice, but it also allowed me to knock off a LOT of wedding tasks.  Let’s see, in the short 55 hours between when I got home from work 8am Friday morning until I layed down to nap at 3pm for work again Sunday evening, here’s what I accomplished:

  • cleaned the house (vacuumed and steam mopped the floors, and dusted)
  • received my bridesmaids’ gifts in the mail (which are absolutely adorable, and I can’t wait to show everyone!)
  • received some of the suspenders I ordered for the groomsmen, and then bought the other 2 at a local Belk store
  • picked up the envelopes for our wedding invitations and RSVP cards
  • got the envelopes to our dear family friend who is addressing them this week (yay!)
  • attended 2 precious birthday parties for my sweet little future neice and nephew (check back on the next post for those pics).
  • attended the farmer’s market at Pepper Place Saturday morning to discuss details of wedding flowers which will be provided by a local(ish) farmer….yeah, how fun is that? 🙂
  • bought some jewelry to wear on the wedding day, and then took that along with the shoes I had bought home to my mom’s to try on with my wedding dress….unfortunately, heels are too tall, and jewelry is too busy.  Both will get returned and will have to keep shopping.
  • went to Hancock Fabrics to look into buying burlap to make table toppers, and discovered I may be in over my head on that one.  Need to keep researching that idea.
  • did 3 loads of laundry (although I still have one more waiting for me)
  • stuffed all the RSVP cards into their envelopes

Now is that unbelievable, or what?!  I can’t believe I got all that done in just over 48 hours time.  It helped that I didn’t go to sleep Friday morning after work.  I snuck in an hour nap before baby B’s birthday party, but that’s about it.  Then of course I CRASHED at 9:15 that night, but luckily I had no trouble getting back up at 8am for the Farmer’s Market.

And thank goodness I got all that done this weekend, because this week is basically already gone. I have to work another mandatory overtime shift this week, so I’ll be working Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night.  Then Greg and I leave Friday to head to Nashville for his high-school’s opening football game.  His old coach called some of the older alumni to come home for the 1st game, so that should be fun.  I love me some football 🙂

Until then, it’s work and sleep, work and sleep, work………