wedding projects- cake toppers

How much do I LOVE Pinterest?!?!  I could not have gotten hooked to this site at a better time. It has been so unbelievably helpful in my wedding planning. I’ve been able to create a wedding style board and search for all kinds of ideas for crafts, table decor, bridesmaids dresses, flowers, cakes….seriously, it has been an incredible asset.  Along with  I designed and ordered my bridesmaids gifts off of Etsy, my flowergirl dress is from Etsy, and am planning to get my garter from there as well.  The world wide web is an amazing thing.

So, speaking of wedding crafts, 2 of my dear friends and fellow bridesmaids helped me with a few things Friday night.  I have some great friends 🙂  Here’s what we made…

Ok first, here’s the inspiration.
These little bird cake toppers are $75 on Etsy!! Outrageous, and although VERY cute, not worth that kind of price. However, I knew I had seen these exact birds at Hobby Lobby for $2.99.  And the veil and top hat are merely made of tulle and felt, so I knew I could totally make these for WAAAAY cheaper.  And we did. Actually, my sweet friend Dana did. She sewed together a little top hat and bow-tie and made a veil for my bride bird and here’s the final result….

 I still need to either get some legs for them, or I may just find a nest for them to sit in. And the bride will get a pearl necklace too.  How cute are they?! I LOVE them. Granted they did take a while to make, so I can see where the Etsy lady is clearly charging for time, not supplies. But still.  Our price:  $2.99 for the birds, $0.87 for felt, $0.27 for tulle giving me a grand total of $4.13!  So worth it.
The other project of the night was making the 2nd mossy “B” to match the first one I made several months ago.  Here’s those final projects together…
These will hopefully display behind the cake tables somehow.
I’m excited that some of these little details are coming together.  I’m also excited about a change in the groomsmen attire that we came up with Friday night as well.  I wanted the groomsmen to stand out at the reception, and since I figured they would all take their jackets off since most the reception will be outside, I had originally considered doing vests under their jackets.  Then my friend asked me what I thought about suspenders, and after seeing this picture, I was sold!
How great would that look with chocolate brown suits?!  I think it’s great for the rustic/country look we are going for and for a fall wedding.  So, I’m off to shop around town for suspenders today!