Small Panic = Need another To-Do list

I’m going to vent. Bear with me.  I had a small a few meltdowns yesterday. Actually, more like last evening and it continued on and off throughout the night at work when I got to thinking about wedding plans. For some reason when it was still July, October seemed so far away. Literally, as soon as August 1st hit, I’ve been panicking about wedding plans and there just doesn’t seem to be enough days on the calendar to fit everything in, especially when I sleep A LOT of days because I work a night shift. (Not to mention the mandatory overtime that I’ve had to work lately.) And so, you just can’t get much of anything done at 3am in the morning when the rest of the world is not functioning.  Thus, the panic sets in.

We decided to wait and do any showers/bridal teas/luncheons etc until after my sister’s wedding (which was July 16th), since she expressed wanting to have “her time” to celebrate, and so we gave her that. My only frustration now is that not only did we wait to have these events, but most of them were not even planned up until now.  So suddenly it’s August, and we have events to plan, but you have to allow time for invitations to get sent out, so basically everything is going to happen in the last 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding.  Somehow 9 weeks filled up REEEALLY FAST!!!  We have a wedding to attend, in which Greg is a groomsman, in Kentucky the 2nd weekend of September.  Greg is taking a bachelor weekend sometime in September.  I am, of course, required to work some weekends. Emily moves to college this weekend. How many weekends left does that leave us?

It also doesn’t help that all of my mom’s efforts have been on my sister’s wedding up until July 16th.  With Emily moving away to college this Sunday, the past 2 weeks have been devoted to taking care of that.  And as excited as I am and truly happy for my mom’s recent engagement, it’s a little bittersweet in that we are also now trying to squeeze in her vows ceremony with Dwayne in the next few weeks.  Not to mention, my in-laws have been consumed in wedding plans for Greg’s sister over the past 3 months. And maybe it’s just me, and my sensitive girl feelings, but it feels like mine and Greg’s wedding keeps getting pushed to the backburner.  As a result, I have pretty much done all the wedding planning on my own (with some help from Greg).  And it’s catching up to me. I NEED HELP!!!!! 

See where the meltdown came from?  Am I just being selfish?  If so, someone PLEASE call me out on it, and slap me back into reality or something.  But I didn’t expect to do all this on my own, but here I am freaking out over things not done, things that I though were done that I find out are not, and running out of time.

So, here’s my new to-do list for the next 3 days:

  • make sure bridesmaids dresses have ACTUALLY been ordered….again.
  • decide on grooms/groomsmen attire and set that up so guys can begin ordering their suits
  • find and order new envelopes (to replace the cheap ones) to match invitations from VistaPrint
  • decide on a date for bridal tea and bridesmaids’ luncheon
  • call Another Broken Egg to discuss details of a bridesmaids’ luncheon
  • fax form to Mortgage Banc to finalize home refinancing process
  • purchase plane tickets for honeymoon (?)….not sure how urgent that is, but I’m pretty sure prices are going UP
  • BUY GROCERIES….literally, I’m down to cereal and pasta
  • Go to Auburn on Sunday to help move Emily into college…and try not to cry.

3 thoughts on “Small Panic = Need another To-Do list

  1. you’ve got a lot on your plate! it’s been quite the year for your family, too, so it’s no wonder you’ve been doing things on your own. it’s hard because it’s been a big year for everyone, but you want to enjoy YOUR time, too. i don’t think you’re being unreasonable. it’s ok to be selfish when you’re getting married 🙂 it will all happen! and i am here to help you when you need me!

  2. Thanks sweet friends. It’s amazing what a little sleep will do 🙂 and the help of an amazing fiance. Hope to see you girls in October! Thanks for your support!

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