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Today marks the 1 month countdown to my sister’s wedding.  Both Greg’s sister and my sister will be getting married within 3 weeks of each other, and then 2 months after that, it’s our turn 🙂  And speaking of our turn, we finally got the save-the-dates mailed which means……I finally get to show it to you! They turned out so so cute thanks to our good friend Dana 🙂

Anyways, lately I have been planning my sister’s lingerie shower, and I’m so excited about it because I have so many cute ideas in my head!  I just really hope she likes them.  I tend to like things that are more girly, for instance anything that is pink, white, lacy, or vintage.  She leans more towards the modern style of things and is not so much a fan of pink.  But, it’s a lingerie shower, so I’m hoping she’s more open-minded about the girly stuff 😉  I wish I could show you some pictures of a few things I have for the party, but she reads my blog, so I’ll just have to do an after-party blog!

Along the lines of party planning and wedding things, my to-do list for today is ridiculous!  I also worked the past 2 nights, so hopefully my body can keep on truckin’ for a few more hours to knock out some of these items.  First on the list: get fitted for my bridesmaids dress for my future sister-in-law’s wedding!  Then it’s off to Victoria’s Secret for some goodies for Katie; Party City/Hobby Lobby for party supplies; Dreamcakes to speak with them about wedding cakes; I also still gotta buy Emily’s graduation gift (kinda late on that one!); need to call a florist; and make it to a 4pm vet appointment for one of my pups! Whew.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it all, especially considering how much I really just wanna crawl in my bed right now.

Maybe just an hour nap… or two.  That’s probably best….

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