wedding project #1- mossy initials

So after writing my post this morning about wedding ideas, I got motivated to actually make some headway on some of those plans.  First I headed downtown to Davis wholesale florist to find out about flowers (since I had planned on just ordering and doing them all myself).  I quickly got talked out of that idea when I started walking around, looking at all the options, hearing about what’s in season and what isn’t, and listening to the wholesale guy tell me I must be crazy for wanting to do my own flowers.  Obviously, the main…well, only reason…I ever made that decision was based on cost.  Florists are freakin’ expensive!!  Bouquets for $50? Multiplied times 6 bridesmaids?  I think not.  However, while I was down there the wholesale guy introduced me to a lady who independently does flowers for weddings and events with her husband from their home.  He also told me he would let me know about some other independent florists they work with a lot who would do really great work for much cheaper than these big name Birmingham wedding florists..  So, maybe I’ll let someone else take care of flowers after all. We shall see.

Anyways, back to my projects.  After the florist, I headed to Hobby Lobby to get supplies for making the moss-covered initials.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do an “A” and a “G” for Amy and Greg, or do a pair of “Bs” for Boggs.  Once I got home though I decided I liked the “B” idea better.  I whipped up a quick dinner for me and Greg, and then after he left I got to work….

3 hours later….I had finished ONE.  Boy, did I underestimate this project!  I’m pleased with the result, but it could be a while before I complete the second B.  Here’s what I did…

Supplies: *All my supplies were found in the silk floral department*

  • Styrofoam board (mine was 2″x12″x36″), and I cut it in half to allow for both letters)
  • Moss
  • Glue
  • Floral pins (look like really wide silver bobby pins)

The tutorial I followed used hot glue to apply the moss. Luckily I decided to just buy some crafting glue (it was actually wood glue), because for the amount of glue that was all over my fingers during this project I can’t imagine trying to use hot glue!  Also, you could go the easy route and get some large wooden letters from the craft store.  I looked at both Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s Fabrics, but I didn’t like the font of the options they had, so I opted to just make my own.  My “B” is font style Lucida Handwriting, if you were wondering 😉  Ok moving on…

I started by printing the biggest “B” I could fit on a single piece of paper to be my guide.  Then I free-hand drew the “B” onto the foam board until it was shaped the way I wanted it.  Then I took a steak knife from the kitchen drawer and started cutting away until I had the completed form.

Also please note that you WILL make a huge mess during this process.

 I found two kinds of packaged moss at Hobby Lobby, and not knowing which would be easiest to work with I bought a little of both.  One is called “Preserved Sheet Moss” and the other was “Moss Cloth.”  Basically, one was a bunch of pieces of moss and the other was a large sheet of it.  I decided to start with the large sheet because it fit perfectly onto the entire front of my letter.  I placed my form face-down, traced it to the sheet and then cut.
Sheet Moss
Moss Cloth
 Once the front was done, I just started taking strips that I had cut and as many bigger pieces as I could use to glue around the remainder of the form.  You can blend in seams just by mushing (is that a word?) the moss together and tacking edges down with the floral pins.  But as long as you use the whole cloth to cover the front, then at least that is smooth and seamless. The rest will blend in pretty well. 
And after you’ve completely covered your work station, yourself and the floor with Styrofoam and moss, you will have your finished product! 🙂
All that’s left is some pretty ribbon for hanging!  Oh yeah, and the other “B!” ha

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  1. VERY cute! I’ll always admire DIY brides because I didn’t do much at all. I think the only things that we did ourselves was the hotel welcome bags and the signs that we put along the road to the reception. Good for you, Amy!

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