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Somehow I have managed to not do a lot of wedding talk here on my blog.  When we initially started planning, I had in mind to do a post full of ideas and pictures, almost like a style board.  I still want to do that eventually, but with so many weddings being planned right now (mainly my sister’s and future sister-in-law’s), I kinda want to keep things a secret until their plans were pretty much finalized.  Is that selfish?  I guess in a way it might be better to lay out my hopes and dreams for our wedding, so my ideas don’t get used by someone else. But, at the same time I’m afraid to say too much, just in case.  Although, there’s really only a few things that I think are really unique that I want to keep a secret.  So, I guess there’s no harm in sharing what I’ve come up with so far.  (Man, did I just talk myself into that, or what?)

Ok, so I posted this before, but to give you an idea of setting….here is our cute little white church where the ceremony will be.  I absolutely adore it!


The reception will be just down the road at the Newton-Davis House.  I envision that most of the reception will be spent outdoors, giving it a backyard feel.  The band will be setup outside, and most the tables and chairs will be out in the yard, and there’s even a tiny little barn out back too.  We are thinking of having a late afternoon wedding, so that hopefully the sun will start setting during the reception 🙂

 As for decor, I LOVE the rustic, backyard garden look.  I plan to use lots of wood and burlap materials, and lots of color.  People keep asking me what my colors are, and I just tell them, ‘lots of bright colors,’ cause there’s no one particular color I want to focus on.  To give you an idea, because I know everyone loves pictures…here’s what I have in mind…weddingideas1 weddingideas2 weddingideas3 weddingideas4

ok, so maybe not the hat for Greg, but I love the neutral colors of their attire and this bride’s lace shawl!!  I so wish I could find one
And of course no trailers 😉

So there you have it. A little sneak peek for now!  Even though there have been some stressful moments here and there during this planning process, I really am enjoying figuring out my style and finding cute little things that will make it “ours.”  And our Save the Dates are FINALLY getting mailed soon.  I didn’t think we would ever get those suckers done, but they look phenomenal thanks to my good friend DK and her amazing graphic design skills.  Shout out to Cayenne Creative!!  She designed our Save the Dates, and as soon as they are in the mail I will post it on here as well 🙂

Alright, well my to-do list for today is quite hefty.  I’m working on planning my sister’s lingerie shower, meeting with Greg to view our Save the Date proof so they can begin printing, maybe do some more bridesmaid dress shopping, and heading downtown to the wholesale flower shop to scope out some wedding flower options!  Wish me luck!

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