1 wedding down, 4 more to go…

Saturday night we went to the wedding of one of Greg’s buddies from college.  Steven and Mallorie are just perfect for each other. They are outgoing, friendly, silly, and they compliment each other so well.  And you can tell they are just crazy about each other!  Friday night we celebrated the a rehearsal dinner at The Club, which was beautiful! Then on Saturday the guys hung out at the pool and grilled out, while Mallorie and her girls had a brunch together.  They got married at Canterbury Presbyterian Church followed by a reception at Avon Theatre downtown.  The ceremony was lovely, despite a few unruly flower girls and ring bearers on stage. Note to self: young children do NOT need to stand on stage during a wedding ceremony!!  I kinda thought that was an understood rule, but apparently not.  I love little Evey to death (our flower girl), but she will sit on the front pew with her daddy after she walks down the aisle 🙂

The reception was so much fun!  The tables were covered with burlap, Ball jars with votives, and neat little twig arrangements.  Levoy’s Italian restaurant of Homewood catered the food, and it was quite yummy.  But the best part….the band!  The Negotiators (who will also perform at our reception) were so much fun! They play a mix of all kinds of music. And they really got the crowd going!  We all laughed hysterically at so many ridiculous dances going on throughout the night.  The groom’s grandmother was dancing with groomsmen, a dance ring formed at one point with some of the guys jumping in the middle to “perform,” we all joined in on the “Cupid Shuffle,” and even Steven, his brother and a groomsman got on stage and performed a song with Steven on the guitar and singing lead vocals, his brother on the keyboard and groomsman on the drums.  And they sounded AMAZING!   It was so great!  Such a fun night weekend!  Hope all our weddings this year can be that fun 🙂

 two of MY bridesmaids 🙂
 love me some DK!!!
all of us with the beautiful bride 
(can you believe she sewed that party dress herself for the reception!? So adorable)
 the guys performing their song (ugh, I wish I could remember the name!)
Best wishes Steven and Mallorie!