What is a Doozy Strap?

Well ladies and gentlemen, the Doozy Strap is a koozie-like drink holder that is designed to be worn around your neck allowing you to be hands-free when necessary.  Say you’re at a party, and you hate to put your drink down.  With a Doozy, you won’t have to.  The best use I’ve gotten out of my Doozy was on a white-water rafting trip.  Obviously, you should have both hands on your paddle, but it’s a two-hour ride down the river and there are break points along the way.  So what’s the only solution for taking a bottled water along with you?  The Doozy Strap.  And since we are going to The Hangout music festival in Gulf Shores in a few weeks, I’m thinking that will be my next best use of the Doozy.  Who wants to hold a drink in their hands while walking around the beach listening to music ALL DAY LONG?  Not me.  Hands-free is the way to go.

Greg and two of his buddies are in the business of selling the Doozy Strap. Doozies come in bottle ($6.99) and can ($5.99) sizes in a variety of colors (red, blue, white, gray, pink, and black). They used to have camo ones, but those are being redesigned and should be back in just a few weeks. The guys are also working on getting more colors, like purple and green, AND also in the works…*drum roll*…collegiate licensing, which means Doozies for your favorite college football teams!  And if all that’s not cool enough, they just recently came up with a new design in efforts to lend support to the Red Cross of Alabama in light of the tornado disaster relief.  It is called the “We are Alabama” Doozy, and it is awesome!  Take a look!

The Doozy Strap is only available through their website:  Beverage Outfitters.  “We are Alabama” Doozies are available in bottle sizes for $10, and all proceeds will go the the Red Cross of Alabama!  These Doozies have been on sale for just 2 days so far, and they have already raised over $150!  Way to go guys!  Here’s the catch though, they will only be available for purchase through the end of May, so get your orders in if you want to show your support and get a really cool Doozy!  I plan to get mine and wear it to the Alabama games next fall.  No, it’s not technically a UA Doozy, but it’s red, it says “Alabama” on it, and it supports disaster relief!  You can’t beat that!!

So go buy a Doozy!  These people did, and I guarantee they didn’t regret it  😉