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My kitchen got a facelift tonight!  When I moved into the house, all the kitchen appliances were bisque. That lovely  out-of-date off-white color.  About six months after we moved in, I replaced the dishwasher. I chose one with a faux stainless finish, simply because it obviously costs less but looks like stainless.  Good enough for me.  And now, a year and a half later, I finally got a stainless refrigerator!  We actually pulled it out of my dad’s old house, since obviously no one is using it there.  And it is real stainless 🙂  So, not only is it a really great fridge, and sooo much bigger than my old one, but we got it for FREE!  Can you tell how excited I am?  It’s only been in the house for a few hours, and I find myself passing through the kitchen just to take another look at it!  So, here, I’ll show you too…

First- the old fridge- that was way too small, slowly falling apart, and just plain not good enough (not to mention sticky from all the stuff that went bad and defrosted over the 3 days we were without power)…

And now- the new fridge- which is fabulously beautiful, much more spacious, and my new favorite part of the kitchen!

And since only the black sides are magnetic, it looks a lot less cluttered and messy with stuff.  This little space is all we have for posting important things, like upcoming bills that need to be paid, calendars, grocery lists, and some baby Lily pics 🙂   The essentials, of course.
Another great thing is we no longer have to make ice the old fashioned way.  Before we were using ice trays to freeze water for ice. Now it’s all in the door!  Would you like crushed or cubed?  🙂

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