Workin’, workin’, workin’ day and night

All of a sudden UAB got blasted with babies last week. However, I’m pretty sure it was in no way a result of the tornados, unless all the panic just caused every pregnant woman in the state of Alabama to suddenly deliver.  Not likely.  Well, I don’t think.  Anyways, between both the ICU and my unit, we have over 100 babies!  Our building was designed so that every baby has their own room to facilitate better family-centered care.  But when our census shoots up to over 100, sometimes we have to put unrelated babies in rooms together.  Which is not THAT big of a deal, considering in our old building we all worked with our babies’ isolettes placed side by side in an open unit.  It just makes for some tight quarters in some of the rooms.

One good thing about having so many babies, and needing more nurses to work, is sometimes when we are short-staffed for long periods of time, UAB will offer incentive.  Yep, not only can we get overtime pay, but we can earn extra pay on top of that.  🙂   I rarely take advantage of overtime, simply because I really enjoy having my time off. But this weekend, since we didn’t have power for so long, and Greg was out of town, and my roommate was working all weekend as well…I decided it was the best opportunity to earn some extra money.  Right now I’m on my fourth night, and I’m surprisingly not all that tired. I typically hate even working 3 in a row, cause I just get worn out and I hate being “down for the count” for so many days.  I just work, come home and sleep, work, and sleep…until I get back to my time off.  But, this time it has worked out nicely.  What else was I going to do in a house alone with no power?  Might at well sleep (and work)!

Tomorrow night (Monday), I am off.  And I have quite a to-do list.  Like, restocking my fridge.  Luckily Greg’s power never went out, so I was able to put some items in his fridge. But there is still a lot that has to be thrown out. Mostly condiments.  That should be fun….  Geez, listen to me complain!  At least I have a fridge, in a kitchen, in a house that is still standing (and has power again!).  Praise God for that!  I have so much to be thankful for.