beautiful Sunday

Easter was simply wonderful!  It all worked out smoothly and everyone got some visiting time together.  My family plus Greg and Chuck all went to church together. Katie and Chuck went and had lunch with his family, and then my mom and Emily came to lunch with us at Greg’s family gathering.  And, the Boggs were all so sweet to wait on us for a bit so we could all eat together!  The kids were adorable, of course.  Silly me took no pictures (they are all on my mom’s camera).  So, I’ll have to get those soon so I can post them 🙂  The whole day ran seamlessly and all was good.

God is so good.  The day could not have been more beautiful.  I’m so thankful for the blessings God has poured into my life.  I have a wonderful fiance, who loves me unconditionally.  Sometimes I wonder why.  I know my flaws, I know I’m not perfect, and yet he loves me just the same.  And God loves me.  He not only knows my transgressions but He knows the ones I haven’t even committed yet.  But He has a plan for me.  And His love is all-encompassing, all-forgiving, and so undeserved by little ole’ me. The fact that God loves His children despite their flaws, sometimes is crippling to me.  Because I feel so undeserving sometimes, I distance myself from God, ashamed of myself.  Ashamed of the mere fact that I pull away from Him.  How twisted is that?  I get myself stuck going in circles.  I should be seeking Him instead, no matter what the circumstances!  When I feel the most distant, that should be my clue to draw myself closer.  I need to open my Bible and soak up God’s teachings and wisdom.  I need to pray more.  And I need to believe in my prayers. So many times I begin to pray and I feel like I’m just talking to myself.  God is listening.  Why do I ever doubt that?

I hope you were enlightened this Easter.  I hope God revealed to you some of the things He has revealed to me.  He deserves our love and commitment to Him.  We can never repay all the blessing He has given us. He gave us Jesus, who became a living sacrifice, so that we would have a way to live eternally with Him.  All we have to do is choose to seek Him, and to believe in His teachings, and serve Him.  Happy Easter, everyone!!

2 thoughts on “beautiful Sunday

  1. I think it is very human to find yourself in that situation, and it is really good that you just own it. And really, just because you may turn away from God, doesn’t mean he is actually any further away, you know? Because He certainly isn’t turning away from YOU. I think that God looks on us not just as His children, but more like infants- I mean, who can be mad at a 6 month old, even when they rip something up, or make a mess, or throw a tantrum- they don’t know any better, and you can’t communicate with them to give them clarity, but they are fragile and innocent and you love them anyway. And while as adults we don’t THINK we are fragile sometimes, or we think criminals are in no way innocent, we really don’t know how God works and we can’t see the whole picture. The best we can do is trust that God’s got our back and from that try to keep the tantrums to a minimum, knowing that even when we are upset or turn away, God’s still there. Dunno if any of that made sense.. it’s 4:30 in the morning and my sleep schedule the past couple days has been ridiculous. But those are my thoughts. Sorry I wrote a novel 😉

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