ick, I’ve been sick…and learning to mesh families

Don’t you hate being sick?  I guess I can’t really complain, cause I really am pretty lucky when it comes to the catching the bug. I hardly ever get sick. To be honest, besides maybe in kindergarten when I got the chicken pox, I don’t ever remember having to stay home from school because I was sick.  (I’m sure that’s not actually true, but it’s probably pretty close!).  And luckily, when I do get sick, it’s usually pretty minor, which is how it went this week.  Started feeling icky on Wednesday, worked Wednesday night, ran a fever at work (oops), lazied around the house Thursday, decided to call in sick Thursday night, then by the end of Friday I was almost back to normal.  Now if I can just get rid of this annoying cough!

Now I’m back at work. Easter is one of my holidays to work this year, which usually means I would work Saturday night and Sunday night…and sleep ALL through Easter day. No fun.  But I got lucky this year, and another nurse at work needed a swap, and offered to work my Sunday night instead.  Yay for me!  So, I’ll work all night Saturday, and hopefully have enough energy in me to enjoy the family time on Sunday.

Speaking of family.  Growing up it was always our family tradition to go to my Nana’s house on holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day…we always had lunch and spent most of the afternoon at her house with my mom’s sister and her family, including my two older boy cousins (who now have kids of their own). Then in the fall of 2009, my Nana passed away.  Ever since then our holiday “traditions” have, well, sorta become non-existent.  We don’t know what to do on holidays now.  We don’t spend them with my aunt, uncle, and cousins anymore, because I guess you could say my Nana was the “glue.”  So it pretty much leaves us 4 Graves girls trying to do something special for the holidays. Now that me and Katie are getting married, we also want to incorporate time spent with our new families.  And I love that, but it’s hard not being with my family too.  And since our family doesn’t really have a holiday plan anymore, I feel bad leaving my mom and youngest sister on their own.  I don’t like having to choose.  I’m so grateful that Greg’s family has been very welcoming in allowing my family to join them on some of their holiday plans.  Last November all 4 of us (plus Katie’s fiance) got to spend Thanksgiving with Greg’s family….all 20 of them, I believe!  And Christmas worked out well too, because Greg’s family celebrated in Birmingham, so between Christmas Eve and Christmas day, we spent time bouncing between all three families (the Graves, the Boggs, and the Abbeys- Katie’s future in-laws).  It wasn’t until this holiday that I really felt torn having to choose who to celebrate with.  Simply due to a matter of time scheduling, I couldn’t seem to find a way to share my time with all the people I love. And of course I broke into tears when I was on the phone with my mom trying to work it all out.  I love my mother. She said, “this is just part of getting married. This won’t be the first time you’ll have to choose on holidays. But there will be other holidays, and we can still see each other Sunday afternoon, if that works best.”  Although it didn’t make me feel any better, it was comforting that she was so understanding of it all.  I mean, who can be in two places at once?

Luckily, I think we finally came to a compromise that hopefully will all work out in the morning.  Greg and I will go to church with my mom and sisters, Katie will then split and go spend lunch with Chuck’s family, and my mom and Emily will come join us with the Boggs family.  The catch is, we will have to leave the service immediately following the sermon. We’ll sneak out before the offering, the final song, another prayer, announcements, etc. When he says the last amen of the closing prayer to the sermon, that’ll be our cue 😉  That should put us only about 30-40 mins late to lunch with the Boggs, instead of over an hour…in which case we would miss seeing the kids.

So, I’ll let you know how it all goes 😉  Have a great Easter with your families! I’m so thankful for the ones God has blessed me with!

One thought on “ick, I’ve been sick…and learning to mesh families

  1. oohh family meshing and tradition re-forming is always a little uncomfortable. Plus, sometimes you don’t know something has turned into a tradition until way after the fact! We had to change the usual gathering location after my aunt became too sick to keep her house in any condition for hosting. it’s been years since we have stayed there, and we still don’t always do the same thing year to year, but we’ve learned to adjust and have had a variety of cool experiences (and some big flops too) because of it. so, don’t lose hope! Maybe soon it’ll be YOU that is the glue.

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