Merry Christmas to me!

Christmas?  What?  Yes, believe it or not I just got one of my Christmas gifts from last year.  I had asked for a dutch oven and researched two different brands…Le Creuset and Staub. After reading many reviews, and realizing though they both have some unique features, neither one was really better than the other.  Potato…potato, tomato…tomato….you get the point. Although, that analogy only makes sense when you say it, not so much when you write it!  😉

Aaaaanyways, so my mom ordered this lovely Staub dutch oven for me for Christmas from an online retailer.

   Unfortunately, we kept getting emails every few weeks saying it was on back-order, and would be shipped in another few weeks. This continued well into March, and then we said forget it!  PS: the website was  Yes, they have great prices, but after the ordeal we went through, I refuse to order from them again.  So, since it’s hard to find Staub products in local stores (at least in the lemon color I liked), she got a great deal at the Le Creuset outlet store in Destin and now I have this beauty in my kitchen waiting to be used.  I love it even more than what I had originally asked for.  I think it’s beautiful 🙂

And Tuesday evening I plan to cook my first pot roast in it. I’m really excited!  Greg’s boss will be in town, and the plan is to cook dinner for them while they discuss their business-y things.  Wish me luck!  And don’t worry. Recipes will follow…

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