baby, baby, baby

It’s a little weird being at the age now where not only do I have friends getting married, but friends my age are starting to have babies.  It’s funny how you imagine the road your life will take and the “plans” you set for yourself. I remember in high school thinking, ‘I’ll probably get married shortly after college, and maybe start a family when I’m 26,’ cause at the time 26 years sounded pretty old. Ha!  And of course there was always the obligatory “back up” plan. Did anyone else do this? You had a guy (or girl) friend that the both of you agreed that “if we are __ years old and still not married, we’ll call each other up and just marry each other.”  How ridiculous is that??  I had one of those. Although, I think my back-up husband turned into a druggie. So unfortunate…for him, that is.

Anyways, babies. I have several friends who have already tied the knot and started little families of their own. One friend in particular already has two little angels in their brood (whom I adore!).  Then listen to this. I have 2 friends right now that are currently pregnant, my neighbors behind me just had their baby about a month ago, Greg’s neighbors just had their baby a week ago…and get this- they are all boys!  So, this afternoon I went on a baby shopping trip to do a little shopping for these tiny little gentlemen of the world.  Let me tell you, I’ve been into Baby’s-R-Us a handful of times, but today I went to BuyBuyBaby in Hoover.  I was amazed, and if my bank account would have allowed it, I would have bought the whole store.  So much cute stuff!!  One of the coolest things I bought was a digital thermometer pacifier.  That’s right. Remember when we were kids and the great new invention was the digital thermometer you stuck in your baby’s ear?  Well, now you can get one in the form of a pacifier. Talk about no fuss!

And can we talk about how much I like shopping for baby clothes?? My friend Christine can testify to this. I’ve been out shopping before and passed by the baby section, and called her up many a times to see what sizes her little ones are currently wearing!  Especially if it’s holiday related. Oh my goodness, you better believe they end up with something.  🙂  Halloween outfit – check. Thanksgiving onezie – check.  Christmas pajamas- check & check!  I love it, too, cause eventually I always end up with a picture message of her kids wearing the outfits I buy them.  🙂  It warms my heart.  And if I didn’t already have a cart full of baby gifts, I probably would have called her up about this little number…

4th of July, anyone?

But don’t worry friends. The baby bug has not hit me yet!  Luckily, since my full time job is to work with premie babies, I get my fix on a regular basis.  Which means at the end of the day, I’m just as happy coming home to these two babies….

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  1. i LOVE this. and hello! i’m totally going to buy buy baby this weekend, because that little outfit most definitely belongs on my little redhead. and thanks, my kids adore you too 🙂 we love miss amy!!! and all the clothes she has bought my little rascals. 🙂

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