Prom and pre-engagement photo sessions

Pre-engagement photos? Does that sound silly?  Well, although we haven’t had an engagement session yet, I wanted to get some good pics of Greg and me to use on Save-the-Dates.  Even though we haven’t picked out any Save-the-Dates yet, I didn’t want to be limited to only non-photo options. So, on Friday night we were all going to be at the Botanical Gardens taking pics for Emily’s senior prom group shots.  I figured while we were down there, I’d get Katie to do a little mini session with me and Greg so we’d have a few options when it came time to pick out our save-the-dates.  It helped that Katie and Chuck have already done their engagement session, cause they had a lot of ideas and poses to work with from their experiences.  Katie did an amazing job! And Chuck was such a trooper helping carry props and throwing out ideas.  Greg was a trooper too  🙂

But first things first. Emily is a senior this year, and so it’s the last high-school prom for the Graves family. *Tear*  Her and her boyfriend looked so beautiful and handsome together.  Seriously, all of a sudden Emily went from being the little sister to a gorgeous young lady.  I love her to pieces!  Here’s some shots from the prom pictures.

And here’s my other sis. The photographer in training 🙂

And here’s some of her beautiful work…

Can you tell we like working with this open frame 🙂

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