Calendar project

I’m one of those girls who can’t function without a calendar. If I don’t write something down, I’m likely to forget it.  This year I bought a calendar from a photographer on Etsy.  Her shop is called “The Light Fantastic.”  The one I bought had a photograph for each month with a little calendar on the bottom, and they were each on a 5×7 card.  (Obviously, as you can see, this calendar is purely for looks, not function. I have a different calendar on the fridge for all my writing/appointments).  So I’ve been trying to come up with a way to hang this calendar.  I wanted a way to display all 12 months at one time.  I considered framing each one, but 12 frames took up way too much space. Then I thought about pinning them into a corkboard, but again, that took up way to much room.  Then while I was at Hobby Lobby I decided to get some ribbon and try to hang each month from it, sorta like a clothesline.  I think it turned out great! Oh, and by the way. That card framed in the shadow box is the “birthday” card Greg gave me during his proposal. For Valentine’s Day he had it framed for me. I love it!

I used pushpins on each end of the ribbon to secure it to the wall, and one in the middle of each strand to prevent it from sagging too much.  Then I clipped each month to the ribbon with cute colorful office clips.  Then I bought faux single-stemmed daisies and clipped the stems off. I then safety pinned the flowers to the ends of the ribbon.  Done!

And of course, my favorite month this year! 😉

Also, I got my Easter decor out the other day along with other spring-y items.  Out with the burnt oranges and reds of winter and in with ivory, pinks and yellows.