all in a day’s work…or two

I really wish I had a “before” pic of my yard prior to all the hard work that was put into it Sunday and Monday. You can’t really appreciate the “after” pictures, without the “before,” but oh well. It just didn’t even cross my mind to document the awful site. Unfortunately, my yard is made up of about 70% weeds, 30% grass.  Which means when it gets overgrown, it looks like a total jungle.  I actually had asked Greg if he could mow the grass last Monday cause it was looking so awful.  Well, of course life threw us for a detour, so by the time we got around to doing yard work on Sunday, it was out of control.  I was embarrassed.  So, after a lovely morning at church, a bite to eat at Moe’s, then a quick trip to Lowe’s, Greg and I spent the next 4 hours tidying up my yard.  By the way, I LOVE Lowe’s!!  Especially the garden center. Oh my goodness, I want a big beautiful garden so so bad.  However, we’ve got some poor drainage issues in the back yard to take care of first. See?…

That’s a major project in the works.  
Anyways, back to our hard work.  I pulled TONS of weeds, Greg mowed the grass and edged, I planted some new flowers and a few saplings, trimmed the monkey grass that was creeping over the sidewalks, replaced a few bulbs in the sidewalk laterns, and then swept the heck out of the sidewalks and patio. Oh, one more thing!  I forgot to mention the compost bin I started!  A few leaves, old pine-straw, dirt, and worms, and it’s cookin!  I’ll have rich potting mulch in no time 🙂  I’ll post more on that little project this weekend.  Ok, now for the “after” shots! I know my yard is far from glamorous, but slowly we’ll get there. 
 View from the front. Well, part of the front.
New geraniums on the front steps.
Pansies by the mailbox
My little saplings out back. Hopefully these guys will grow good and tall, and be transplanted and used as privacy trees.