a thousand words

I wanted to post some pictures of last week, because despite the pain and sorrow and tears, there were some beautiful moments in it all.  In the midst of losing a loved one, we drew closer to family and friends who are still here with us.  I have some of the greatest friends in my life.  My girl friends came over and cooked me dinner last Wednesday night, and we just sat around the dinner table talking for a good hour.  It was good to spend time with them.  Some of my girl friends who couldn’t be here with me sent flowers and kind words.  It was also a good time spent with my family, and even my future family.  Now that me and Katie are engaged, our future in-laws are counted as family.  Katie’s in-laws came to dinner Thursday night after the service, and Greg was there by my side all week.  My future in-laws sent flowers to the service and called me to give their sympathies.  Then of course we had my aunts (my dad’s sisters) and uncle in town from North Carolina, whom we haven’t seen in many years.  Things get complicated when parents divorce, and although they will always be family, we haven’t really seen them since my parents’ split.  Family get-togethers kind of fall apart at that point.  So it was great seeing them again.  Luckily with 2 weddings coming up we should get to see them again soon.

So, like I said, in the midst of all the pain endured last week, I think these pictures will reflect some peaceful and joyful moments in it all.

we’ll always be Graves girls
sorry Emily, it looked funny cropped. *Shoes optional*
Do you think my friends all know how much I like the color pink?  They are so great.
We buried my dad in Mississippi where his mother’s family plot is.  My great grandfather was a small town doctor in the town of Eupora, MS.  So, in the family plot is my great grandfather Lamb, his wife, my grandmother (Mary Lamb), my grandpapa (Lowell Graves), and now my dad.  Since we decided to do a cremation, we were able to bury dad nestled right between his mother and grandmother.
Funny story:  the last time we were at this cemetery was for my grandpapa’s funeral.  We get there last Friday and noticed someone had ordered a headstone.  Then we got to looking at the dates, and the birth and death dates are correct, EXCEPT the year.  Obviously, my dad’s father was not born in 1824, nor did he die in 1905. He was born in 1924, and died in 2005.  We got a laugh out of it.  My aunt Elizabeth at one point said, “let me go stand over here next to my 181 year old father!”  It’s nice to be able to laugh in rough times.