who’s gonna hide the baby?

Mardi Gras was a blast!  We had so much fun at the parade, and we got soooo many beads, moon pies and even a few Mardi Gras cups (which is a rare prize from the floats!).  Each float has a theme.  Some of the themes this year included tialgating, Mexican fiesta, holidays, happy birthday, and rock and roll.  Mrs. Marlene and Renee were on the holidays float, and they wore green like St. Patty’s day.

Oh yeah, and see that garter around my arm? I think Renee might have thrown that at me, so I’m thinking I’ll have to make use of it in October! 😉

 Even Mr. Doug got his groove on during the parade!

And ya know the Doozy got some action at Mardi Gras…

After the parade we all went to the Ball.  There are strict attire rules you must abide by to attend the ball, but it just means every looks really nice 🙂  Guys have to wear a tux with tails and white vests and bowties. Girls’ ball gowns must be floor length.  And then of course the ladies of the Maids of Jubilee wear CRAZY costumes. 

 What a good looking group 🙂

We joked that a Mardi Gras Ball is just like Prom…for adults.  And of course, like Prom, every year there is a photo op scene and a photographer takes a professional shot of you and your date or your group. So, I didn’t get the shot of all of us (obviously, cause who would have taken the pic!), but here’s the Nesters’ crew.  That’s Renee and Mrs. Marlene in the center in their costumes.

 Unfortunately I didn’t take many pics inside the Ball. Katie has more on her camera, that I’ll have to post later. But we did LOTS of dancing and eating and drinking. Good, good times.  Then Saturday we spent all day hanging out with our friends at their house and then to dinner, since the weather was pretty awful. We wanted to make a visit to the USS Alabama, and although we did drive by it, we couldn’t take the tour cause of the storms.  So instead we drove to Winn-Dixie and picked up a delicious King Cake to take home for everyone to enjoy.  We had to strategically hide the baby so that no one knew where it was.  And in the end, I took a bite of my piece and ended up with the baby!

It was a great weekend, and I’m so glad Greg was with me this year.  I sure hope he enjoyed it as much as I did 🙂