darn night shift

Majority of the time I don’t mind working night shift.  Sure, there are things I miss out on in the evenings when everyone else is off from work.  And sometimes sleeping all day between shifts can be annoying (especially recently when the weather has been so nice!).  It actually has its perks sometimes when I’m able to stay awake after working the night before, and I can still do things the next day…whatever that may be.  BUT, every now and then I get days like I’ve had this week, that makes me hate night shift.

I was off work over the weekend, but had to work Sunday night.  Sunday morning we got up for church, had lunch, had a little bridesmaids get together with my sister and her bridesmaids, so by 4pm I was able to lay down for a nap. Slept for 2 hours, then worked my night shift. By Monday morning I was pretty tired, so I laid down to sleep for a few hours and next thing I knew it was 5pm.  And that proceeded to ruin the rest of my week.  Monday night, Tuesday night and Wednesday night I was awake until about 3 and 4am, and of course slept until about 3 or 4pm Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday I finally was up and awake before noon, so I had a full day to enjoy.  But then somehow today I felt exhausted and ended up sleeping all day again (until about 4pm).

Since I typically don’t like working 3 nights in a row, I don’t usually get many long breaks off from work.  4 days off is a good break for me, and unfortunately this round I didn’t get to enjoy much of it.  There’s not much you can do when you’re day starts at 4pm.  Luckily I get a LONG break (6 days off) early in March.  Let’s just hope this doesn’t happen again!

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  1. I was just telling Greg yesterday that we needed to make a trip! Maybe we can get the babies to come too 🙂

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