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For two people who have been living on their own, in their own houses for at least 2 years, who already have a lot of the typical basics, I’m actually a little torn about wedding registries. As in, there’s too many places I want to register!  Is that bad?  The problem is there’s several items I/we want at several different places, but not a whole lot of items at any one particular place.  For example, I love the serveware and flatware I found at Pottery Barn.  We went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond tonight and found several kitchen appliances, cookware, and utility-type items we like.  We decided we might go to Sears to look for tools and household gadgets we need.  And THEN, a friend of mine mentioned she and her husband registered at At Home (in Homewood, AL) for their household items.  I LOVE AT HOME.  I would have never thought to register there, and I don’t get to shop there much cause it’s mostly out of my price range. But I love that place.  But registering at 4 locations seems a bit ridiculous. 3 registries sounds ok, but 4?…whoa.

Any thoughts?  My concern is not many people will even know what or where At Home is.  But, we could register there and the people who know about it hopefully will go there, and the people who haven’t will just try the other places.  Or, I might get there and find all the same type stuff from At Home that I have registered for at Pottery Barn, in which case I’ll like either option, so it’s a win-win situation.

This post is getting boring, I’m sorry. The wheels in my brain are turning and it’s just pouring out onto the keyboard. My apologies.

In short, we had fun picking out goodies tonight.  We haven’t done a lot of wedding planning in the last few weeks, so it was fun getting back into it tonight.  And surprisingly we agreed on most stuff, which is good.  Another fun night for the future Mr. and Mrs. 🙂

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  1. Definitely Williams-Sonoma, and you may wanna think on Restoration Hardware while you’re at it. Crate and Barrel has a good wedding registry as well! I tend to buy my gifts on line nowadays and I think that’s the norm! Let me know if I can help at all!!!
    love Gigi!

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