running from the cold


I love living in Alabama. Granted, I’ve never lived anywhere else, so I could be a little biased, but nonetheless I love my southern home.  Part of that is I’m a wimp to the cold, so the north is out.  But Alabama has been kicking my butt lately with all this snow!  Typically, one good snowy day in a winter season is about all we usually expect around here.  But, this year I’m starting to lose count.  Let’s see, we had a white Christmas (which, was lovely, so I can’t complain about that!), then we had another few snowy/icy days early January and now another snow day yesterday.  Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a good romp in the snow, and I enjoyed driving around yesterday morning taking pics of the snow, cause it’s oh. so. beautiful!  I just hate being cold!  haha.

Today I received my March 2011 issue of Country Living magazine.  If you don’t subscribe to this magazine, please do so soon. I love it! Absolutely LOVE it.  🙂   Anyways, this issue got me really pining for springtime.  It had some gardening tips and spring decor ideas.  I really would like to do some landscaping work on my house this spring. The backyard is just so…blah.  Last summer I filled the back deck with all sorts of potted flowers, but this year I wanna put flowers out into the yard. I love hydrangea bushes, and think they would look really great out there. I just wonder about the quality of the soil in my border beds. Might have to do some serious hauling-in of some good dirt.  It would be worth it though!

Alright, well I’m off to pack. Some friends and I are headed south to enjoy a little beachy gettaway. It won’t be warm enough to actually lay out on the beach, but the hot tubs are calling our name!  Oh, and Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!!!  Can’t wait to spend it with my sweetie 🙂