a magic weekend

Wow, a LOT has happened in 1 week.  Since turning 25, I went to Disney World, got engaged, watched a marathon and had a wonderful time with my family and some friends.  We’ve been planning a trip to Disney World for several months to go see my sister’s fiance and his friend run the Disney Marathon.  Since we all love Disney so much, we decided to make a family trip of it (along with some friends and significant others!).  So, last Friday morning we boarded a plane to Orlando and began our Disney vacation.  We stayed at the All-Stars Sports hotel, and first thing Saturday morning we began our day in the Magic Kingdom.  We made our way through Space Mountain, Snow White’s ride, Peter Pan, and the 3D Philarmagic show.

Then some of our group wanted to go “take some pics in front of the castle.”  So we casually made our way around to the castle, stopping to take pics on a bridge facing the side of the castle.  Greg kept wandering towards the front of the castle so I just followed him and figured the rest of the group would catch up.  There was a show going on at the castle, so we got to a spot and stopped and I started taking pics of the characters up on stage.  Greg casually reached into his bag and says, “oh, I forgot to give you your bday card the other day,” So I took the card and started reading it (not thinking anything out of the ordinary). I opened it up and it read “the top 10 reasons why you should say ‘yes’.”  Me (still oblivious) did not catch on to anything at this point.  Some of the reasons were “because you are my best friend,”  “because we still haven’t played bridge at the senior center” (which is in reference to the very first text message Greg ever sent me that was the top 10 reasons why I need your phone number…one of those being, ‘to go play bridge at the senior center’), “because I can’t imagine my life without you,” etc.   I got about halfway through the list and then noticed Greg was down on one knee in front of me with a ring box.  I was in TOTAL shock.  I had NO IDEA he had planned this for months. He actually picked out the ring 2 months ago!  It took me a few seconds to register what was happening around me, but of course, I said “YES!”  He is the sweetest, most caring person I know. He would do anything for me, and I couldn’t ask for a better husband-to-be!  He’s completely opposite of me. I’m quiet and shy, and he’s outgoing and funny.  But we compliment each other well, and I’m so excited for what’s ahead.

The remainder of the trip was spent hopping from park to park. Sunday we watched the marathon. Unfortunately, my future brother-in-law tore his iliotibial band a week before the race.  The IT band runs from the top of the femur down to the knee, and when he ran it cause him severe pain.  But he was determined with everything he had to finish the race.  However, he had to stop at the halfway point (13 miles), because he simply could not go on.  He told us the pain set in at 0.4 miles, but he pushed on to 13 miles then pulled out of the race.  I’m so proud of him. That guy has more determination than anyone I’ve met.  When he sets his mind to something, he will do whatever it takes to make it happen. He would have walked the entire remainder of the marathon had there not been a maximum 16-minute pace. He couldn’t bend his knee at the point when he stopped, and walked with a slight limp the remainder of the trip, but luckily he was able to get around and still enjoy the parks.  And, we’ll be back next year so he can hopefully run the marathon then.

There’s so much more I could write about, but I think I’ll let the pictures (and video) do the talking.  It’s been a wonderful kick-off to 2011. I couldn’t be happier!   🙂

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