just in time for next year

Well, I didn’t get these made in time for this Christmas, but at least they will be ready for next year!  How cute are these stockings!  I got as far as cutting out the patterns, sewing the main stocking pieces together, and then I got to the part in the directions for creating/sewing the cuff. Man, am I a beginner sewer or what!  I was trying to figure out what terms like “bias,” and “sewing in the ditch” meant, and I was completely lost.  So, I took all my materials home with me for Christmas and luckily my seamstress mother was able to help me,  finish the stockings for me, while I watched and learned.  And for Christmas, she gave me some really nice Gingher sewing scissors!  One of these days I will complete a sewing project on my own, but for now I’m just happy with my made-with-help Christmas stockings!

Check them out! (please ignore the missing 3rd button on the right stocking. Apparently, I can’t count, so I’m 1 button short!)

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  1. Yay, my first comment!!! Thanks, the instructions and pattern came out of that Holiday Crafts magazine I saw at your house. So you actually already have to pattern 🙂

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