a Raleigh jolly Christmas

I’ve been wanting to post pics of my Christmas decorations for weeks now, but my digital camera is a whopping 5 megapixils… yeah, that wasn’t doing to job anymore. My phone camera is 8 megapixils, but those pictures seem to come out blurry and dark, so I didn’t like that so much. Well, yesterday I asked Greg to borrow his DSLR for our Christmas party last night, and so he came by to visit yesterday afternoon and brought me his camera. We got talking about when we were going to do our Christmas present exchange, which we had previously decided would be Wednesday evening. While he was over here, he asked if we could just do it then. He just kept insisting that he really wanted to give me my gift, and I really wanted to give him his too (cause I knew he would love it!) So, we just decided to go ahead and do it. And guess what! He got me a new digital camera! 🙂 It’s a Canon powershot, 12.1 MEGAPIXILS! It’s perfect, and exactly what I’ve been needing. And I got him a Flip HD video camera, which he was super excited about. I don’t know how we both decided on cameras for each other, cause there literally were no conversations about, “well what do you want for Christmas?” We did good 🙂

So, with my neeeeew camera, I bring you….Christmas at Raleigh…

My first REAL Christmas tree!
John and Leah’s awesome Gingerbread house!