here goes…

Hello all,

I decided to join the ever growing world of blogging. I seem to have all kinds of ideas about things I want to blog about, and pictures I want to post, and yet I created this site over a week ago and just haven’t been able to put into words the perfect “first” post. So, I’m going to keep it simple with this first one, and we’ll just grow from there 🙂

I have had a wonderful week. I had 4 nights in a row off from work, 2 special birthdays to celebrate, and I just about finished the rest of my Christmas shopping. Successful week indeed. There’s a bit of a running joke/weird coincidence in our family in that many of us celebrate the same birthday. Even those who have been added to the family (i.e. my sister’s fiancee) have similar birthdays. So it was pretty funny when I started dating my current boyfriend and we soon realized that he too shared a birthday. He and my youngest sister share December 16th together. One turned the big 18 and one turned 26. We went to dinner with my family on Thursday night, which is always a fun time. Then I had a bundle of surprises for my sweetheart that unfolded Friday and Saturday. Everything was a surprise to him, and it made it really fun.

We started with dinner at Rogue Tavern downtown with several of our friends, and from there we went to the Alabama Theatre to see Christmas Vacation (which is by far, his ALL-TIME favorite, watches-it-at-least-10 times-every-Christmas, movie). The best part is we had him convinced we were going to the McWayne Center as we were leaving dinner. He actually had come up with this guess and we just went along with it. He even told the parking meter guy we needed parking for the McWayne Center, and I just sat quietly in the passenger seat. It wasn’t until I lead him to the Alabama Theatre and stood at the ticket counter getting our tickets that he read the sign about Christmas Vacation and realized what was actually going on. He was thrilled!

Then Saturday I told him we needed to head to our second surprise destination at 1230. So he came and picked me up and I gave him directions along the way that ended us at Massage Envy in Hoover. We both got 90 minute full body massages, and let me tell you…..sigh, it was amazing! Why do I not get massages more often?? Oh right, cause they cost an arm and a leg. But thanks to my friend Groupon, I got a good deal on this one. Hopefully it’ll come back around again soon!

So that’s been my week, and now I’m back at work as I write this. I’m excited about Christmas next week, but sad that it’s here already and soon to be over. Am I allowed to keep my Christmas decorations up until….oh, February? haha. Until next time….