Henry- 1 month

Oh my goodness, talk about being MIA! Our little pumpkin is now 3 1/2 months old and I’m just now getting back to blogging! Yikes. It’s been a crazy busy summer to say the least. It took a while to recover from delivery, and not because of having a c-section. Heck, that recovery was actualyl way smoother than I expected. It was the horrible lower back/tailbone pain I was having that took several weeks to go away. My mom and mother-in-law actually took me to the ER one day it was so bad, but the docs said my xrays looked fine and I probably just pinched a nerve with all the pushing during labor. So, they gave me another week of pain meds and then finally when Henry was about 3 1/2 weeks old it eventually went away. It was AWFUL though. The sharp pain would stop me in my tracks to the point of tears some days. I was so relieved when it finally got better. Henry got a little more fussy and clingy when I came off the pain meds, but I tried to wean off over a few days so it would also be easier on him.

I took 6 weeks off from clinicals, then after my 6 week postpartum check-up, I started back. I wanted to get a lot of hours done before I had to go back to work so that I wouldn’t have to juggle work and clinicals for long. This is my last semester of grad school, and while it’s been easy as far as assignments and tests go (I only have 3 tests and 2-3 assignments for the semester), it’s been incredibly hard to focus on much of it with a newborn at home. I totally thought, “oh, he’ll sleep a lot as a newborn, school won’t be so bad.” HA!  Yeah, that whole sleeping-a-lot-during-the-day-thing lasted about a month. The same month that I was in pain and on lortab around the clock. So, not a lot of school work got done. I was on-campus the first week of June for some on-site lectures and simulation labs we had to do. And now I’ve taken 2 of my 3 tests so far, and done 3 of 4 presentations I had to do this semester. And then for each clinical day, we have to write up a clinical log documenting what we did for the patients we saw that day. Keeping up with those have been the hardest, honestly. They are pretty time-consuming, and considering little stinker doesn’t always nap great during the day, it was very hard to keep up with all the documentation for clinicals.  BUT, as of right now I am 80 hours away from completion. The end of the tunnel is near!!!!  Just don’t ask me how much time I’ve spent studying and reviewing this semester. It’s bad.  I may have to spend the next several months re-learning all the material that I’m pretty sure baby-brain shoved out the window.  Grad school is no joke, people. I can’t believe I’ve survived it, so far.  Let’s pray I finally graduate one day soon 😉

So, Henry man is 3 1/2 months old.  Almost 15 weeks to be exact. He is such a joy 🙂  I seriously love being this guy’s mama.  His laughs and coos these days make my heart sing. But before I go into all the fun he is now, let me go back and recap these past few months. I don’t want to forget all the little joys and accomplishments we’ve experienced this summer.  So here we go….

Henry- the 1st month

Henry’s 1-week appointment went well. We really like our doctor. She takes time to answer our questions and we like her attention to detail when she assesses Henry. At his 1-week appointment he had almost gotten back up to birth weight. He was 8 lbs 10.3 oz (he was 8 lbs 11.9oz at birth).

May 15 (1) May 15 (2)

The first few weeks at home I basically just stared at him and took pictures of him all day long. haha. Kinda kidding 😉  Visitors came by to see us. Greg’s mom came and stayed with us for a week. My mom lives here locally, so she stopped by a lot to visit and help. And from these pictures, Henry obviously slept a lot 😉

May 16 (1) May 16 (5) May 22 (2) May 23 (6) May 23 (18) May 27 (2) May 30 (1)Around 1 month, Henry started sleeping longer stretches at night. He pretty much ate every 3 hours, sometimes every 2 hours for the first several weeks. Then right around his 1 month birthday, I woke up early one morning and realized he had been sleeping for 6 hours! I went and woke him up to feed him, more for my relief than his 😉  After that, he pretty consistently would sleep for one long stretch each night.  If I could make sure he ate one more time late in the evening, around 10 or 11pm, then I could usually get a good 5-6 hours out of him before he’d wake to eat again. It didn’t always work. Sometimes he’d still wake up around 2 or 3am, but for the most part, he was doing pretty good.  And once I realized it was his new routine and not just a one night thing, I made the decision to officially move Henry to the nursery to sleep at night. He had been sleeping by our bed in a bassinet since we brought him home, but since he’d started sleeping a little more, it seemed like the right time to transition him.

I started pumping from the beginning. Not every day, but I would try to at least get 1 pump session a day if I could in the beginning. When Henry started sleeping longer at night, I sometimes was able to just feed him from one side and then pump the other to store. That worked out for a little bit. When he wasn’t breastfeeding, he was taking about 2oz, sometimes 3oz with a bottle at this point.

For the most part we laid low the first month. Greg had to work from home for several weeks due to transitioning offices. That was really hard for him. By about the 3rd week he was starting to go crazy working from our den while Henry and I were also in the house. But it was nice having him here too. Here are some more pics from our first month with Henry!

1 Month Stats:

10 lbs 13 oz (77%ile)

22.5 in. (86%ile)

May 18 (168) May 19 (2) May 30 (3) May 23 (13)May 14 (2) May 14 (5) May 16 (2)June 2 (5) June 5June 4 June 7 (2) June 8 (4) June 8 (10) June 8 (13) June 8 (14)June 9 (2) June 9 (4) June 9 (9)

Our Birth Session

During my process of researching tons of newborn photographers during my pregnancy, I mentioned to Greg one night at dinner about the idea of birth sessions that many photographers are doing these days. I totally didn’t think he would go for it, but he actually loved the idea! He didn’t want the pressure to be on him to take pictures that day, and obviously I would want lots of pictures when our little man finally arrived. So, we talked to a friend of his that he’s worked with a lot and made the decision to go for it. I am SO glad we did. I absolutely love the photos she captured from that day. I’m so happy we have these to look back on.  Her name is Becca Bell and she owns 2b Photography. If you’re considering having a birth photographer, I highly recommend her. Unfortunately, she wasn’t allowed in the OR when we ended up having to do a c-section. But she captured everything leading up to that point and then took tons of photos of Henry afterwards while I finished up in surgery. Check them out! Photo-2-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-008 Photo-9-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-015 Photo-10-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-016 Photo-41-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-047 Photo-47-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-053 Photo-45-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-051 Photo-42-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-048 Photo-46-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-052 Photo-44-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-050 Photo-49-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-055 Photo-36-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-042 Photo-15-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-021 Photo-18-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-024 Photo-20-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-026 Photo-26-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-032 Photo-22-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-028 Photo-24-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-030 Photo-25-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-031 Photo-27-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-033 Photo-29-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-035 Photo-30-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-036 Photo-50-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-056 Photo-62-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-068 Photo-64-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-070 Photo-67-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-073 Photo-98-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-003 Photo-72-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-078 Photo-91-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-097 Photo-82-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-088 Photo-81-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-087 DSC05779-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-260 DSC05781-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-261 DSC05785-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-263 DSC05877-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-304 Photo-103-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-103 Photo-108-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-108 Photo-107-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-107 Photo-114-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-114 Photo-115-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-115 Photo-117-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-117 Photo-119-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-119 Photo-139-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-139 DSC05929-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-334 DSC05928-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-333 DSC05914-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-326 Photo-135-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-135 Photo-146-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-146 Photo-154-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-154 Photo-152-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-152 Photo-188-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-188 DSC06018-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-375 DSC06009-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-370 DSC06014-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-372 Photo-161-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-161 Photo-164-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-164Photo-190-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-190 Photo-179-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-179 DSC06062-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-394DSC06064-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-396 DSC06069-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-400

Pregnancy Time Lapse

I thought it would be fun to put all my belly pics together for a quick time lapse through my pregnancy journey.  I didn’t document as well in the first half of pregnancy, but overall I think I did a pretty good job keeping up with it!  So here it is.  Mine and Henry’s 9 month growth journey 🙂  I didn’t even make it to my 40th week. Henry came at 39.5 weeks!
Sept16- 6 weeks Sept 25- 7 weeks (2) Oct19-10weeks Nov 3- 13 weeks Nov12- 14 weeks (14) Nov27-Thanksgiving (4) Dec23-GenderReveal (9) Jan6-22weeks Jan16-23weeks Jan22- 24 weeks (7) Jan29-25weeks (2) Feb11-27weeks (1) Feb18-28weeks (9) Feb26-29weeks (7) Mar4-30 weeks (3)Mar10-31weeks (3) Mar20-32 weeks (6) Mar27-33weeks (10) April 3-34 weeks (12) April 10-35 weeks (7) Apr16- 36 weeks (8)April 24- maternity (5b) Apr30-38 weeks (8)May 6- 39weeks (7)

String Art

Our cousin Jackson has been doing some really cool things lately.  He’s making string art, and he’s really good at it!  He’s done a few pieces for some family and friends and has decided to start selling them.  He takes pieces of wood and stains them, then creates designs with nails and string.  He made us one for Henry’s nursery that I just love!!  It goes so well with all the other wood and rustic pieces I used in the nursery decor.  He’s about to work on a really big piece for Greg’s new office.  It’ll be the Vehicle Media logo, and I know it’s going to look really awesome and unique.

If you’d like one of these art pieces for your home, contact Jackson Schnell at Jacksonschnell4@gmail.com.  Just let him know what you have in mind and he can whip up a design just for you!  Here’s a few pieces he’s made so far…

stringart stringart (3) stringart (2) stringart (1) stringart (4) stringart (6)


Home Life

OK, I promise, last post of the day 😉  Just a few pictures from our first two weeks at home with Henry, including our first bath and 1-week pictures.  Boy, do we love this sweet baby!  🙂

May 15 May 15 (13) May 15 (16) May 15 (17) May 16 (3) May 16 (4) May 16 (8) May 16 (6) May 16 (12) May 16 (18) May 16 (17) May 16 (13) May 16 (9) May 20 May 22 May 23


First Few Days

When going through pictures on Katie’s camera, I came across these from our days in the hospital.  Can you tell we’re obsessed with this child??  He may be the most photographed baby ever.  But seriously, every expression he makes is just the cutest!  These were taken on Henry’s original due date (May 11), and the day I was so miserable with headaches and dizziness from epidural side effects. So I think a lot of these were taken while I napped and before the blood patch procedure I ended up getting that evening.  My mom and sisters had come up to the hospital for the afternoon and stayed and visited with Henry that evening until I was feeling better.

May 11 (8) May 11 (9)May 11 (88) May 11 (16) May 11 (18) May 11 (20)  May 11 (29) May 11 (24)May 11 (31) May 11 (35) May 11 (38) May 11 (46) May 11 (50) May 11 (54) May 11 (55) May 11 (56) May 11 (58) May 11 (69) May 11 (73) May 11 (74) May 11 (78) May 11 (81) May 11 (86)

Newborn Session

Earlier this week my sister Katie came over and took some a million 😉 newborn pictures of Henry here at home in his nursery. They are so sweet. Henry usually is only awake for a long period of time in the morning. Most of the afternoons and evenings he sleeps a lot more.  Enjoy the pics!!  There are tons 🙂May 18 (2) May 18 (7) May 18 (11) May 18 (13) May 18 (14) May 18 (15) May 18 (17)  May 18 (20) May 18 (24) May 18 (27) May 18 (40) May 18 (46)  May 18 (77) May 18 (80) May 18 (81) May 18 (87) May 18 (89) May 18 (94) May 18 (97) May 18 (101)May 18 (66)May 18 (104) May 18 (106) May 18 (117) May 18 (122) May 18 (136) May 18 (139) May 18 (163) May 18 (167) May 18 (175) May 18 (185) May 18 (189) May 18 (191)May 18 (194)  May 18 (203) May 18 (209) May 18 (210) May 18 (213) May 18 (220) May 18 (226) May 18 (229) May 18 (236) May 18 (239) May 18 (241) May 18 (243) May 18 (252) May 18 (254) May 18 (257) May 18 (263) May 18 (274) May 18 (277) May 18 (278) May 18 (281) May 18 (282) May 18 (284)May 18 (294)


Maternity Session with Daddy

Since we did my first maternity session kinda spur of the moment (I was afraid I was gonna run out of time coordinating with my sister), Greg wasn’t able to participate.  So the next week we did another session that included daddy 🙂  I was 38.5 weeks at this point.  It’s crazy to know just a week after these pictures were taken, Henry was ready to join us!

May 1-maternity (4) May 1-maternity (7) May 1-maternity (25) May 1-maternity (19) May 1-maternity (13) May 1-maternity (9) May 1-maternity (38) May 1-maternity (45) May 1-maternity (56) May 1-maternity (67) May 1-maternity (63) May 1-maternity (57) May 1-maternity (91) May 1-maternity (1) May 1-maternity (103) May 1-maternity (124)May 1-maternity (99)  May 1-maternity (117) May 1-maternity (130)

ok, this last picture is a duplicate of a picture we made on our wedding day 🙂


Mommy Maternity Session

During week 37 of my pregnancy I got my sister to take some maternity pictures of me.  I love how they turned out!!  Thanks so much Katie for capturing these photos of my first pregnancy 🙂

April 24- maternity (5) April 24- maternity (7) April 24- maternity (11) April 24- maternity (22) April 24- maternity (27) April 24- maternity (32)April 24- maternity (29)  April 24- maternity (39)  April 24- maternity (45)April 24- maternity (42) April 24- maternity (57) April 24- maternity (61) April 24- maternity (63) April 24- maternity (70)  April 24- maternity (76) April 24- maternity (97)April 24- maternity (88) April 24- maternity (93)  April 24- maternity (103) April 24- maternity (112) April 24- maternity (114) April 24- maternity (136) April 24- maternity (143) April 24- maternity (151)


My stay at the hospital had its ups and downs. Sunday was a pretty good day, minus the pain of moving around.  C-sections are no joke.  The movement to sit up in bed or get up out of bed was pretty painful, obviously. I did take a shower Sunday, which actually was nice.  It felt good to wash my face and hair and put on real clothes again.  For the most part, once I got up and moving, I felt ok. It was the getting from one position to the next that was so painful.  I stayed on top of my percocet and ibuprophen for the first day or two, then I think by Tues afternoon I had started stretching those doses out a little.

Greg was great about helping me during the night most of the time. He’d hand Henry to me (since I couldn’t very well lift him up out of the crib at my bedside), and did most of the diaper changes while we were at the hospital.  I have to admit, he caught on to the diaper changes pretty quickly.  Not too bad for a first time dad 🙂  Henry slept decent the first night since he’d only latch on to eat for about 5-10 mins at a time.  The second and third night he did not sleep well at all.  I ended up sleeping with him on my chest for most of those two nights because he seemed to want to eat every hour or so.  My milk came in pretty quickly. I started to pump a few times a day, mostly just after feeding attempts where Henry didn’t latch for very long.  I was pretty excited to get that first bottle of colostrum.

That first morning, Henry woke up and ate at about 5am. Then he was so alert for about 2 hours. We just snuggled and hung out while daddy slept for a while.  I love one-on-one snuggle time with this little nugget.

May 10 (13) May 10 (11) May 10 (9) May 10 (7) May 10 (4) May 10 (2) May 10 (1)

Jordan, Eric and the kids all came to meet Henry on Sunday.  It was Mother’s Day, and all the Boggs family were headed to Oak Mountain State Park for the day.  My friends Abby and Christine came to visit us on Sunday as well.  My family all headed to Auburn for my youngest sister’s college graduation.  Emily was graduating with honors and had the top GPA of the school of architecture.  So she got to walk the school’s flag in at the beginning of the ceremony, and they even had her stand up and be recognized at one point!  Luckily, Auburn had a live feed of the graduation ceremony, so Greg and I were able to watch it online from the hospital. 🙂

May 10 (34) May 10 (30) May 10 (27) May 10 (22) May 10 (15)May 10 (41) May 10 (38)

Monday was a really rough day.  I started having a headache early morning on Monday. I was still taking the percocet and ibuprophen on schedule (for the most part, when my nurse was helpful to remind me).  The anesthesiologist came by to check in on me and to discuss possible side effects of the epidural, one of which was lingering headaches.  The doctor also came by to check on me, and I told him about the heachache.  He told me it could be epidural related or just general pain and that I should try to notice if it was better or worse if I was lying down or sitting up.  It continued to linger through the morning and into the afternoon, but it wasn’t until I got out of the bed and to the chair that it got really bad really fast.  Lactation had come to work with me, and I wanted to go to the chair for this feed (just cause I was getting sick of being in the bed all morning).  I got to the chair and we started working on getting Henry to latch. Within just those few minutes, my head started throbbing and I was getting really light-headed and my neck started feeling stiff.  I must have looked bad because the lactation consultant asked me if I was in pain.  I told her I had a horrible headache and was kinda feeling nauseous.  She told me I looked really pale and suggested I go back to the bed.  She also called my nurse who immediately paged the anesthesiologist.  About that time Greg walked into the room (he had run home to let our dogs out and shower).  He immediately asked me what was wrong and could tell something wasn’t right.  I got to the bed and laid down flat.  Poor Henry was now fussing to eat since we had teased him for just a minute trying to get him to latch.  I just laid there in side-lying position while the lactation consultant put him to my breast to try to get him to eat just enough to appease him.  I could feel the world spinning.  The anesthesiologist came and discussed that there may be a leak from my epidural that was draining spinal fluid causing my headache, dizziness and sore neck.  He explained that this usually resolves on it’s own but it could take time.  They could treat the symptoms with a caffeine pill and muscle relaxer.  Or if that didn’t work they could do a blood patch.  A blood patch is a procedure in which they draw blood from my arm and re-inject it into my spinal canal via another epidural.  This adds fluids back into my spinal canal, which was likely leaking and causing the problems.  I opted to try the meds and take a nap.  When I woke up from my nap though, it wasn’t any better. In fact, my neck was even more stiff than before.  I felt like I was wearing a neck brace because I could barely turn my head side to side or even look down enough to breastfeed without being in intense pain.  And the headache continued to pound in my head.  At this point my mom and sisters had arrived and were also very concerned.  The nurse called the anesthesiologist back and we decided to try the blood patch.  I couldn’t take the pain any longer, and I couldn’t even look down enough to help Henry to latch to feed.

They took me back to PACU for the procedure.  Greg, my mom and sisters stayed in our room with Henry.  The procedure itself was pretty quick.  One anesthesiologist sat in front of me and drew blood from my hand while another stood at my back and started another epidural.  They injected the blood into my spinal canal, which was a very weird feeling.  I could feel it going into my spine and up my neck. I kinda freaked out a little and asked if that was normal, and he told me it was.  As long as I wasn’t having sharp pain shooting down my legs he said it was fine.  As soon as they injected the blood they withdrew the epidural and it was a miracle! Within minutes my headache went away.  They monitored me in PACU for about 30 minutes just to watch my vitals and my blood pressure, but after that I was able to return to my room.  And when I got back, I was a whole new person. The relief was almost instantaneous, and I could talk and carry on conversations without being in pain.  Even my neck stiffness was pretty much eliminated immediately.  I was SO glad we decided to do the procedure and not just wait it out through the night.  Below is literally the only picture I took on Monday.  That’s how rough a day it was.

May 11 (3)

Tuesday was a much better day.  The headaches were gone and I was up a little bit more.  We could have gone home on Tuesday but since Monday had been so bad we decided to wait the full 4 days in case the headaches came back.

May 12 (10) May 12 (8) May 12 (6) May 12 (5) May 12 (3) May 12 (2) May 13 (3) May 12

Wednesday was my sister Katie’s birthday and our discharge day.  We were finally ready to go home.  I hadn’t left the hospital since Saturday morning, so I was eager to get home. Greg was getting stir crazy as well.  We were ready to start our new routine at home 🙂

May 13 (6) May 13 (7) May 13 (8) May 13 (9) May 13 (12)May 13 (11)  May 13 (14) May 13 (18) May 13 (20) May 13 (22) May 13 (23)